Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Anne Frank Collage

My daughter as you know had to read The Diary of Anne Frank for school and they were assigned a big project. They had to make a collage the size of a large poster board with images that reminded them of the story. They also had to do a summary and character descriptions.

She has been working on this feverishly. It seems like it should be an easy A, but you know what it was a lot of work. She had to search and search for different pictures. They couldn't be all of the same thing and there couldn't be one speck of white on the poster board. It had to be a huge collage.

There is a lot to work with, but the teacher really wanted some originality. She came up with all these ideas. There were pictures of Anne and her family and the others who stayed in the secret Annex. She got some pictures of the food they ate and there where pictures of the Annex on line. She used a picture of ballet slippers because she talked about dance and a monopoly board because they played that. She also got pictures of movie stars like the ones Anne hung in her own collage. She worked really hard and it looks great. I hope she gets an A. She deserves it. I think she really learned a lot from this project and she told me that she really liked the book. She told me many of the kids in her class hated it, but I really think she got it and she'll keep it with her. I know that it has always stayed with me.


Laane said...

Makes me wonder why the other children hated it.
Don't they understand it.
Are they too young?

I hope your daughter will earn her marks.
Well done!

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