Friday, May 28, 2010

May Procession

Today my girls school had their annual May Procession. This is such a wonderful and beautiful ceremony. They have the second grades dress in their first communion dresses and the eighth graders dress to the nines and lead the service. An eighth grader is chosen as the May Queen and places a crown made of flowers on a statue of Mary. She has to wear a white dress, but the other eighth graders wear very fancy dresses. My oldest has informed me she does not want to be the May Queen because she wants to wear a beautiful teal dress.

It's always a special day and the second graders were so cute. They brought flowers for Mary. I love seeing them all dressed up. When the May Procession arrives it reminds me how close it is till the end of the year. The girls have less than 2 weeks left of school. Time really does fly and next year my daughter will be an eighth grader and will leave the school she's been in since nursery school. Time really does fly.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tye-Die Day

My 9 year old will go on a really fun field trip next year to a local place that has a pool and mini-golf course. I'm one of the chaperons as I like to be there when a pool is involved. Grades 1-4 go one day and grades 5-7 go the next. I'm insane because I'm signed up to go both days. I'll be ready to be committed by the end of Wednesday.

Each grade wears a different colored shirt so it's easy to keep track of them and there are different stations that they do throughout the day so we always know where everyone should be. Since my daughter is in the third grade she gets to wear a tie-died shirt that they make. This is a tradition that really gets the kids excited about next week.

I also volunteered to help with the tie-dying. Yes, I'm crazy, but I think we already covered that. The kids were so excited and they all picked the style that they wanted and we helped them put the elastics on the shirts and then we headed outside for the messy part. There were 3 colors to use: indigo, teal and purple. These colors work great together and the kids were happy with them. They took turns and we helped them dip the t-shirts in the tubs of dye. We had gloves to keep our hands from getting stained. Of course there is a very rambunctious (that's the nicest word I can use) child in my daughters class that decided to lift his soaking wet dye-died shirt over my head. Yea, oh happy day I now had blue dye on my forehead. Lucky me. Best part he didn't even say he was sorry. Oh well at least I wore old clothes. Seriously for the rest of the afternoon everyone kept asking me how I got the dye on my forehead. I just smiled and told them. The sad thing was no one was surprised who did it.

When the shirts were done we hung them on the playground fence and the kids admired their work and the teachers took many pictures. They are so excited to wear them next week. I am too because I made one too so I could match. Oh it will be a fun time.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Update on Caroline

Thank you all so much for the prayers for little Caroline. Her family truly appreciated it. It has been a very hard few days for them and I'm sorry I was unable to post yesterday with an update.

The first night was truly difficult. The surgery went very well and they were able to get half the tumor. Everything seemed to be okay, but Caroline was unresponsive and they gave her a CT scan and again everything looked okay. Thank God in the morning she opened her eyes a little and squeezed her mothers hand. The doctors have told them that this can sometimes happen with children. Her mom told us she continues to be sleepy, but is more responsive. They have a long hard recovery ahead and I just hope and pray that she gets better quickly. This child is an angel and doesn't deserve any of this. Thanks again for all your prayers and wishes.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Prayers For Caroline

Today my 9 year old daughter's friend and classmate is having brain surgery. They are trying to remove a tumor that they were told is inoperable. It is very close to the optic nerve. They have already exhausted all other options and Caroline's eyesight is getting worse. The tumor is growing.

This child is a beautiful little girl who wouldn't hurt a fly. She is a talented little artist and the nicest girl you would ever meet. Her mom is fabulous and dad was just given a 2 week fur-low from serving in Iraq so he could be here for the surgery. Thank goodness. Caroline is so happy to have her dad home.

My daughter is very worried for her friend and so am I. She is so little and fragile. So today all my thoughts and prayers are with Caroline and her family for a speedy and easy recover. I hope you will join me in praying for this little munchkin.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My 9 Year Old Loved Shrek the Final Chapter

My daughter was invited to a birthday party at the local movie theater to see Shrek. I was just as happy as she was about this because it meant that I didn't have to sit through another Shrek movie. I'll be honest, I've had enough of Shrek. The first one was great the second one okay, but really I think that was fine. Anyway, my daughter has been dying to see this so this party saved me. I would have taken her otherwise.

The party was at a place called Chunkeys that allows you to eat food at a table while you watch the movie. It's a popular place for these parties and the girl the party was for is a good friend of my daughters. She had the best time. She thought the movie was really funny. She especially loved the ending. I really think she loved being with her friends while she watched. That always makes things more fun. She gives two thumbs up to Shrek the Final Chapter.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Early Signs of Bullying

I guess it doesn't matter how old your child is they're going to have to deal with bullying. My youngest is only 9 and yesterday at school I think she was bullied. She was a little upset when I came to pick her up then one of her friends came over looking for a play date. My daughter jumped at the chance so her friend came home with us. On the ride home she told me that at lunch 2 girls dared her not to talk and if she did they said they would pull her hair. I was so angry. Who do these kids think they are? I told my daughter and her friend to stay away from these girls and that was not a nice thing to do. I told them they needed to tell a teacher if something like this happens again.

I asked my daughter if she wanted me to talk to her teacher she said no. She could stick up for herself. I told her that I needed to speak to her teacher because it just wasn't right. I don't want those girls to start picking on someone else. What makes kids act this way? It makes me crazy. Luckily my daughter has many good friends who would never treat her like that.

Checking Out High Schools

My daughter is going to be in 8th grade next year and that means we're going to need to start looking at private high schools in the area. She currently attends a Catholic school because we live in a city that does not have a great school system. When we moved here we made the decision to send our kids to private school. Yes, it's a lot more money, but they're our kids and they're worth it.

Yesterday I drove my daughter and some of her friends to my old high school. They offered all the 7th grade girls a special shadow day to come check out the school. It felt very strange driving up to my old school with my daughter. I felt so old and not entirely sure I want her to go there. I didn't really like high school all that much. I do want her to see everything out there so she can make her best decision though and I didn't think she would like it that much. It's all an all girls school and she's told me she wanted to attend a coed high school.

What do I know though? The girls all came out so happy and excited. They loved the school. Everyone was so nice and the girls were nice. They let them do experiments in the Chem lab and they got to work on a program in the computer lab. Oh and they have a school store and every Tuesday is Dunkin Donuts day. Oh they won them all over. I was so surprised she liked it so much. Anyway it's the first of many schools she has to check out. I have a feeling she's going to feel that way about all of them. Oh I have the biggest headache just thinking about high school. Both the choice and the fact that she'll soon be going. Oh what a nightmare.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rediscovering Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Well the day finally came when I told my 13 year old that yes she could watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. My daughter is a scifi freek and has been eyeballing this show for a while, but I didn't think she was ready. Now that she is so into vampire movies and shows I thought she could handle it. OF course she's not allowed to watch it with her sister in the room. She's not ready to watch it yet. My youngest is afraid of vampires especially the ones on Buffy because well they actually look like vampires unlike the ones you see in Twilight.

My 13 year old is completely hooked and every chance she gets she's loading up an episode through Netflix. She's driving us all crazy. Granted I think it's my own fault. Buffy first aired on TV in 1997. This is the same year she was born. I remember nursing her while I watched the show. She fell asleep to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The good thing is it's a good show and I really don't mind watching it again, but it did last 7 seasons. That's a lot of episodes and then of course she's just discovered that her favorite character, Angel had his own series that lasted 5 seasons. I think it's going to be a very vampire enriched summer.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sinus Infection

My 13 year old has allergies and for some reason I don't know why, but it's a horrible year for anyone who suffers from allergies. I know I've had a tuff time as well, but I keep on chugging. Mom's don't get sick or rather they don't have time to be sick.

Anyway enough was enough this morning. She's been coughing and blowing her nose constantly so it was to the doctors with her this morning. Sure enough the doctor said she had a sinus infection. That means antibiotics for her and hopefully she'll be feeling better soon. Now she's not contagious so the doctor said she could go to school. She really didn't want me to take her, but not because she was sick. It was more because she didn't want to attend the Chastity class they were having in school.

She pouted the whole way to school and made me feel like a horrible mom. I might have let her stay home if she didn't have a big test this afternoon. It's such a pain for her to make them up. It's just easier for her to go in and take it. When we got to the school she got all nervous about walking into the cafeteria where all her classmates were having the chastity class. They told me I could walk her down so I did. Her homeroom teacher was in the back of the room so we went right to her. Meanwhile my daughters awesome best friend is waving at her because she saved her a seat. Her teacher told her to go sit with her buddy. She seemed to relax and I headed out after briefly telling her teacher where she was. She told me her poor daughter has a sinus infection as well only she let it go too long and she is very sick with a fever of 103. I'm glad I took mine to the doctor this morning. I only hope she's still not mad at me for making her go to school. Oh well I'm always in the dog house for something.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Birthday Party at American Girl

Today my daughter's friend had her birthday party at American Girl. We were to meet at their school and be picked up by a limo. The American Girl store is about 45 minutes away so the mother thought this was the best solution. My daughter was so excited to be picked up by a limo. I was asked by the mom to ride in one of the limos as she had to get 2 to fit everyone. She wanted to just get one big one, but it is a very busy time of year for limos.

I didn't mind going because I was planning to follow the limo anyway so I could help my daughter with the shopping. The girls were so cute in the limo. Many of them had never driven in one before and they were so excited. They wanted to play with all the buttons and check everything out. They all wanted to have a drink of the water that was in the cooler. It was really fun to watch. In fact that could have been the end of the party and they would have been fine with that.

We arrived a little later than planned at American Girl place because he other limo needed to make a bathroom stop. Anyway when we arrived we went up to the Bistro and it's all just so cute. They had a table waiting for the birthday party and each girl got a special seat for the dolls to sit in. They loved it. They had a good menu and all the girls seemed to like the food. We did the cake and then it was on to the shopping. They have the cutest things. My daughter was in heaven. She had been to the store before and she had one of her dolls with her, Lani. I had a group of girls I was in charge of and I helped them find what they wanted and then I helped my daughter who had been saving her money. She kind of knew what she wanted. She wanted Lani's nightgown and one other outfit. She ended up with a really cute bathing suit. All the girls were really great with finding what they wanted and I would have to say very well behaved. The listened well which is always good when you take them to a place like that.

On the way home the girls switched around the limo they drove in so everyone could have a turn with the birthday girl. My daughter went in the other limo and got to sit next to the birthday girl who is one of her best friends. Anyway the new group in the limo was a little crazier. It was funny to see all the different personalities. Anyway, I'm home now and I'm exhausted, but my daughter couldn't stop talking about the great time she had. It really is good to be a kid.

Birthday Party at

Friday, May 14, 2010

Long Week

What a long week and it's really not even over yet. My 13 year old is at her last dance of the year and I have to go pick her up at 10. I also have to hope she gets asked to dance. She said she didn't care today, but I know she has a crush on one boy and is really hoping he asks her. Fingers crossed on that one.

Anyway I have just been running around all week and all I really want is to crawl into my bed and sleep in tomorrow morning. This time of year there just seems to be so many things going on. We have a birthday party and a First Communion this weekend. My girls also have a ton of homework. Why is it teachers pile it on this time of year? The kids are so done. They don't want to be doing all this stuff. They want to be out enjoying the good weather. I know I'm sick of proof reading and double checking things. Well I guess a couple more weeks and it's over till September. Thank goodness. Okay well I'm off to get my teen. Hope she had a great time.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chastity Class for My Middle Schooler

Last night I attended an informational meeting for a course my daughter will have next week in school. She's in seventh grade and attends a Catholic school so every year at this time they teach a Chastity course to the seventh graders. She is so mad. She doesn't want to go. She's afraid that the boys will make snide comments. I wasn't sure about it either than I went to the meeting.

I'm glad they had an informational meeting though it was sad to see that there were only a handful of parents there. Granted I'm sure some of them couldn't make it, but I think most couldn't be bothered and to be fair I didn't want to go either. Well I was glad I did so I know what's going to happen. They are going to basically have the kids split up into groups. Same sex only groups I might add so they'll all be comfortable. This made me feel better as this is my daughters biggest concern. They really aren't going to be talking about sex either. They are going to be mentioning it, but basically teaching them to have respect for their bodies and for others. They will teach about the importance of love and what sex is really all about. They will mention some of the other issues such as pornography and sexting. I think it's important for the kids to learn what the real meaning of sex is and that it's really making love and should be a special act between two people in love and married.

I don't know how much she'll get out of it. The woman who is running it really seemed to know what she was talking about and can get on the kids level with them.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Iron Man 2 Worth the Trip

First off let me just say. I love comic books. I'm one of those strange girls who has actually been in a comic book shop. Heck before I had kids and had extra money I used to have them hold comic books for me. I like them. What can I say. Some of them have really great stories and the pictures are great. I had to give up that hobby though because it gets expensive. I still pick one up here and there.

Now the point of this is I knew what Iron Man was before I heard about the movie and I wasn't interested. He was not one of my favorite comic characters by any means. I was more of an X-men and Star Wars girl. My husband convinced me to see it and I agreed insistent I would not like the movie. Well I was wrong and I'm happy to admit it. Robert Downey Jr. was fabulous. I loved his portrayal of Tony Stark and I loved Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts. They had great chemistry. Iron Man remains one of my favorite movies. I never mind watching it, but would the sequel deliver.

Yes, it so delivers. All I wanted on mothers day was to see this movie and I left with a big smile on my face wanting to see it again. Both of my girls came with me and they both loved it. There was a lot going on in the movie, but it all fit together nicely. Tony was his usual self though he had an added issue to deal with that causes friction with Pepper. Pepper is fighting her feelings for Tony through the whole movie though he makes it easy for her to not like him. The villain was big and scary with electric whips. He was slicing race cars in half. It was very cool to see Warmachine introduced. Very cool character. Didn't care much for the Black Widow character. She seemed unnecessary to me. Though I guess she was there to set up for the Avengers movie. There was no chemistry between her and Tony though. My only complaint would be that I wish there was more between Tony and Pepper. My 13 year old agrees with this. My 9 year old just thinks Iron Man is cool. He flies and gets the bad guys. I thought this movie was fine for both my girls to see. There is of course violence as there is with any comic book movie so you should be aware of that.

To sum it up I found it extremely enjoyable and can't wait for Iron Man 3. I hope they get to work on it soon. I need more Robert Downey Jr.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all moms past, present and future. I hope everyone has an amazing day. Being a mom is the hardest job in the world. Many times unfortunately many moms including myself feel under appreciated. Today I felt very appreciated.

First off I started the day extremely early taking my own awesome mom to the airport for her much needed vacation to Florida. I hope she has a great time because as far as I'm concerned she is the best mom in the world. She has always put her children before herself and I have learned that from her. I would do anything for my girls as I know my mom would do anything for me. So it was my pleasure to get up at 4:15 to take her to the airport. It's the least I can do for all she does for me.

When I got back home I went back to bed. When I got up we went to see Iron Man 2. This was a must for me on Mother's Day. I love Robert Downey Jr. I will give a full review tomorrow. I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Then we went to one of my favorite restaurants for linner as it was 2:30. That was fabulous and I just finished watching the Celtics win a playoff game. Now if only the Red Sox could win tonight I would have a perfect Mother's Day. I hope all the moms out there have as great a day as I'm having.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tis the Season for Rashes

Everyone loves to see the end of winter and the beginning of the warmer season of spring and summer. Well with the change of the seasons come bugs, poison ivy and other irritants that just drive a mother crazy.

My 9 year old told me on Sunday that she was itchy. She appeared to have bug bits or something on her knees and ankles. Well I thought a bath would make her feel better so that's what I did. When she got up out of the bath she was covered in hives. I couldn't believe it. I ran to the store to get some benadryl. An hour after giving her the benadryl they were gone and never came back. I have no idea what it was or what caused it. It was one of those mysteries. Just something else to worry about.

My friends daughter got a mosquito bite and it got all inflamed and infected and she had to go on antibiotics. My friend was very distraught. She can't keep her daughter inside all the time, but this seems to happen every time she gets a mosquito bite.

Now yesterday my 9 year old came home with a red rash on her arms and legs. It was pretty red and she told me she got sent to the nurse and she told her it was heat rash. I wasn't so sure, but it wasn't itchy or bothering her so I let it go. Well she still had it this morning and I took a good look at it. The rash had a very lacy look to it and it was now on her cheeks. I had an aha moment. It had to be fifths disease. I wasn't positive so I did call my pediatrician and I was told to come on over. I told her I thought it was fifths disease and she agreed. Luckily it is basically just a mild virus. She is not contagious. She may develop a slight fever and the rash will last for a few days, but other than that it's nothing major. I'm glad it wasn't anything serious, but I can't help thinking that the warm months always bring on these types of issues. Oh well I love summer. Get me to the beach already. Oh yeah then I have to worry about sunburns.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sea Change, Great Summer Beach Read

Summer is almost here so that means vacation and relaxation at the beach. I personally always like to have a book with me to read. I tend to like really light books at the beach because I don't want to get stressed out. I just want to unwind and go someplace else. For this reason I have really enjoyed discovering the wonderful world of Young Adult fiction. There are just so many choices. Some good and some bad as is the case with any type genre. So I'm going to try to post at least one book a week that I think you could pick up and get lost in while on vacation.

First up a real summer love story. Sea Change written by Aimee Friedman. The title and cover hooked me on this book because one I love anything to do with the ocean and two it seems to deal with mermaids. I have loved mermaids for as long as I can remember. Who wouldn't want to spend their life in the ocean just floating along.

Okay so this story is about 16 year old Miranda. Miranda is spending the summer on Selkie Island with her mother after her grandmother has died. The Island is the summer home of many rich families that her mother used to be close to. She is befriended by a group of girls who are totally boy crazy. She also meets up with a boy who works at the science center on the island named Leo. She's really drawn to him and to the mysteries of the island. She begins to wonder what's really up with the island and is it really so far fetched that mermaids could exist. Not to mention is Leo a merman? Miranda is a wonderful character that you see grow throughout the story. She really discovers who she is and feels more confident in herself. I truly enjoyed it and would recommend to anyone who's looking for a little escape reading.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dance Class Pictures

Okay so the past couple of nights I've had to take my girls to get their pictures done for dance class. This means they have to get dressed in their costumes and put on makeup and get the hair just right. This is really a pain in the butt. My oldest fights me tooth and nail. She's so not doing dance next year. She just doesn't love it enough and I'm certainly not going to make her go. It's not worth it for my sanity. She'll have to find something else. I insist on some type of activity. There's no way she's sitting on the couch all day watching TV.

Anyway, my oldest was fist up and she has the most beautiful ballet costume. It reminds me of Romeo and Juliet and she likes it which is a miracle. Her hair has to be in a bun no problem their I looked up how to do a ballet bun on Youtube. I honestly love Youtube. Then it was on to the makeup. Now you would think she would love to be told she needs to wear tons of makeup at the age of 13. Well if she doesn't get to pick it herself she's not happy. Not to mention they wanted her to wear fake eyelashes. Why they want her to do this I have no idea? You can't tell from the audience and really they're still just kids it seems ridiculous. She also told me there was no way she was wearing them she would quit first. That was just fabulous. So I get her to the dance studio minus the eyelashes I have in my pocket. I figure I can get one of the other girls or moms to help me out. Well my daughter lucked out because I bought the wrong ones and her teacher told me not to worry about it. My daughter didn't care either way because she was not wearing them and that was that. Needless to say it was a very stressful night. They were running about 1 1/2 behind schedule because one of the photographers was new and slow. It was so aggravating, but there was nothing we could do, but wait. We were lucky my daughter only takes ballet. One of her friends ended up being there much later because she had more routines.

Then it was onto my other daughter who takes tap, jazz and ballet. She's 9 and she loves dance. She would take it everyday if she could. She was no problem getting ready. She complained about nothing loved doing all of it. When we got to the studio for her there weren't as many kids as the night before. They were running ahead of schedule and it was great. The difference being they asked for a different photographer. Apparently it got really bad the night before and they didn't get finished with the older girls until well after 11:00pm which is ridiculous. My daughter has 3 different costumes so we had to do a couple of changes. A friend gave me a little trick last year she told me to layer the tights so all she has to do is take off the top layer to get to the next costumes tights. This was such a time saver I can't even tell you. Each costume has it's own rules and accessories. I have written instructions that I have to constantly look at to make sure everything is just right. As soon as one picture is done we do a quick change for the next and then do it one more time. The only problem we ran into was we changed to quickly and one girl who only takes jazz wasn't in the shot so we had to change back. This was no problem because we were running so far ahead of schedule. It was such an unbelievable difference from the night before I was out of there in less than an hour.

Now I only have to go through this 2 more times, dress rehearsal and the show. I love watching them perform, but it's exhausting to get them ready. It will nice when we have the summer break.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Glee Was Awesome

Once again I'm talking about my daughter's favorite show. Glee was great last night. They had some fabulous songs and some very silly moments as usual. I tell you I hate it when the episode is over and I have to wait a whole week for a new episode. It's had to be me.

The episode dealt with a list that was posted about the Glee club and who had the worst reputation. When the list is published there is going to be big trouble the principal wants to know who did it. This leads Will to ask the kids to find a song for the Glee club that has a bad reputation and give it a new one. He kicks things off with a fun rendition of Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice. Oh the memories on that one. Good times.

Some of the kids who were left off the list want to get on. They think the best way to do this is to break out in dance and song in the library. This group includes Kurt, Mercedes, Arty, and Tina. Britney is there too, but because she doesn't understand why she isn't higher on the list. They sing Hammer Time wearing MC Hammer pants and all. Honestly, I couldn't stop laughing. The pants just killed me.

Oh Emma also gets a backbone and yells at Will for his behavior. You go Emma. Sue Sylvester is as funny as always when the Glee kids find a video of her dancing to Olivia Newton Johns Physical and put it on YouTube. This causes major embarrassment for her until Olivia calls her and they do a new Physical video together. Seriously this woman is just hysterical.

Also of note is Rachel doing a video for the song Run Joey Run from the 70s. This causes a huge problem for her as she is doing it to give herself a bad reputation in hopes of making her popular. She asks Puck, Finn and Jessie to be in it, but none of them know she asked the others. When they see it they're all mad and Jessie breaks up with her. I think Finn was the most upset though.

Finally, Rachel sings Total Eclipse of the Heart which is one of my all time favorite songs. She totally rocked it with Puck, Finn and Jessie joining in. I loved it. Can't wait till next week. I hear Finn is going to be singing Jessie's Girl. Another of my favorites. Seriously is it Tuesday Yet.

Monday, May 3, 2010

My Daughter is in LALA Land

Tomorrow she has her pictures for her dance class. This in itself is no big deal. I'm used to this once a year. She puts her costume on and her makeup and we go get her pictures done. It's no big deal. Well I should say it's no big deal as long as the costume is ready.

I was talking about what time we had to go tomorrow and she tells me that her costume needs to be fixed. It's too big. Now let me just state for the record I asked her last week after she had her costume day in class if everything was all set and she said it was. Now she tells me it needs to be fixed. I am not a great sewer. I can sew on buttons and simple things, but I can't handle alterations on a costume. Usually I call in my mom on this, but it's too late. She needs to wear it tomorrow. Needless to say my daughter is in LALA Land because if she was here she would have told me after her class and I would have asked my mom to fix it. So lucky me I have to spend my night doing this. I just hope I don't screw up royally. Fingers crossed people, fingers crossed.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Very Proud Mom

Last night I went to go see my daughter in her school play. My daughter is in 7th grade now, but I think I should note that up until this year she has been in speech therapy. She was diagnosed with apraxia when she was 3 years old. It's basically a speech delay. She had a lot of difficulty saying certain sounds so she has had speech therapy 1 to 2 times a week she's she's been 3. She was always very cooperative and tried her best. She really didn't want to go to speech therapy in fact the last few years she started to get embarrassed that she still had to go. She didn't want her friends to know. I felt bad, but I also knew she still needed it. Finally this year her therapist asked her what she wanted and my daughter said she wanted to be done. After talking with my daughter and the therapist I agreed. She really had come as far as she was going to with the speech therapy. She was thrilled. I was a little unsure. She had been doing it for such a long time and sometimes I still have to have her repeat something. Never the less she graduated herself from speech therapy.

Now she did her school play last year and I was proud of her. She only had 2 lines and she did fine. Now this year she had many lines and sang quite a few songs that she sang as well. She felt very confident and with good reason. I went to see her in the play and I couldn't believe this was the same little girl who had such a hard time with speech when she was little. I was amazed and so proud. She really is growing up. I can't wait to buy it on DVD so I can watch it again.

She is so sad that the play is over and there is no more drama club till next year. I can understand why because her face was lit up by the biggest smile all through the play. You could tell she was having a good time. Now she will be an eighth grader next year and they get to pick the play. Her and her friends are already talking about it so I hope they pick something great. It really is great that her school has a drama club and she is able to experience this. I really am just so happy for her.

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