Friday, February 5, 2010

Vampire Diaries Meets Gone With the Wind

Last nights episode of Vampire Diaries, Children of the Damed, was fabulous. First off I'm a sucker for period pieces and this episode kept flashing back to Civil War times. One of my favorite movies is Gone With the Wind The costumes are just gorgeous. I loved the dresses that Katherine wore. She had a total Scarlett O'Hara feel to her. She was a spoiled brat too. Oh and she totally takes advantage of the men in her life. I honestly hope they do more flashback episodes. I'd like to learn more about the founders of Mystic Falls.

This episode also delivered some answers. That's one thing I just love about this show. It doesn't leave you hanging for long. It answers some questions yet it leaves you with a few more. I appreciate not having to wait long to figure out who someone is or why something is happening.

We learned why Damon is angry with Stefan. You see that both brothers loved Katherine. You also learn who Anna is and why she's in town. That was driving me crazy. The episode also leaves you with with a cliffhanger. Gotta love that as long as I only have to wait a week.

I tell you I really love this show. I'm so addicted. I can't wait to see what happens next week.


self defense Rob said...

I'm surprised how good Vampire Diaries is. We started watching right around the time True Blood was wrapping up its past season, and since it takes them a whole flipping year to start another season, Vampire Diaries fills in the vampire fix.

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