Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New App for my Titanic Loving Tween

As I've stated numerous times before my 12 year old is obsessed with Titanic. She loves the movie. She watched all the extra stuff on the DVDs. She just had a big project in her grammar class in which she could choose any topic. She picked the Titanic. She did all this research on it and couldn't stop telling me all these facts about it. She got an A+ on her report. I think she did so well because she loves the topic so much.

She was looking for a new app to play the other day and she came across Titanic Rescue Titanic Rescue. In this game the Titanic is sinking and it's your job to save as many passengers as you can. She's been having a blast trying to round up as many as possible. It's tricky stuff they don't want to get in the life boats. It's a good way for her to relieve her stress. She gets so much homework that when she gets some free time it's nice for her to play a game and unwind.


Chickenista said...

I loved that movie sooo much.. It had everything. It was funny, sad, romantic action. Ahhhh Now I gotta rent it again! *lol*

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