Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Bed for My Tween

I have never been a big fan of the bunk bed, but when my mother offered me my brothers old bunk bed I couldn't pass it up. My 9 year old has been needing a new bed for awhile now. She has been using the same bed since she was 3 and it was a great bed, but it's low to the ground with no storage under it and her room is small. She has way too much stuff in her room. Way too much stuff. The child is a pack rat. I swear every time she cleans her room she comes out with a bag full of trash. I'm not even sure where she's getting it.

Today my mom brought the bed over and we set it up. My parents rock. Anyway my daughter is so excited and a little nervous. It's new so it will take some getting used to. Her room has totally been changed around. It's higher than her other bed so she's afraid she'll fall out the poor thing. I told her that any bed she would get would be that high off the ground. We're going to buffer her with stuffed animals. She won't be able to move in that bed when I'm done with her.

All her stuffed animals have a new home on the top bunk. I am very happy about that. My daughters room usually looks like a stuffed animal heaven. She likes it too because she got to go up on the top bunk to set them all up. She's not allowed to sleep up there. My mother made me promise. Bunk beds make her nervous. My brothers had bunk beds for like 2 weeks before she separated them.

I hope she has a goodnight sleep and loves her new bed. It looks great in her room.


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