Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pajama Day at School

This week is Catholic Schools Week so every Catholic school in the US is celebrating in their own way. They have something special planned for the kids everyday. The kids love it because it's almost like being on vacation. My 12 year old hasn't had homework all week. She needed the break, but what am I paying for.

Today was student appreciation day. They got to wear pajamas and basically play games all day. They had classes, but the teachers made it all fun and no homework was assigned. The teachers and staff also wear pajamas to get in the spirit of things. The kids love doing this because they stay in comfy clothes all day. I personally don't care much for pajama day. I think it's silly and of course if you have to go somewhere right after school everyone is staring at you and your kids. They're all thinking terrible thoughts about your parenting skills. Oh well not much I can do. I just look back thinking yeah my kid's wearing hot pink pajamas with dogs on them. It's a school thing get over it. It's just embarrassing. I also don't like pajamas being worn all over the dirty school. I consider pajamas a really clean article of clothing. You put them on after your bath and get in your clean bed. Oh well I guess I'm a grump. I must be getting old.


Kirhat said...

This a pretty interesting way of spiking students' interest in school. They should have adopted this program during my time.

Seek No More

Katherine said...

One of my worst mothering moments. I didn't realize it was pajama day in pre-k Catholic school. My son was the only one w/o jammies on. Sigh.

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