Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ice Castles Redone

I was checking my queue at Netflix and they had a few recommendations for me. One of the movies was Ice Castles, but it wasn't the old Ice Castles with Robbie Benson that I know and love from the 70s. It was a remake that just came out. I heard nothing about this so I hit the rent button and was very excited when it arrived in the mail today. I loved the original movie. In fact it holds a very special place in my heart because I did a dance to the theme song "Through the Eyes of Love." I can still remember it. It always brings tears to my eyes and to be honest Ice Castles always made me cry too.

Well tonight after dinner my girls and I set up the movie. My husband quickly evacuated to the computer upstairs. This is definitely a chick flick. Anyway the girls were really into it. They kept asking me questions about what was going to happen. It was very similar to the old movie, but there were some differences. Basically it's about a small town girl who gets swept up in the world of figure skating. On her way to the top she finds herself loosing who she truly is then an accident happens. She goes back to her home and rediscovers herself. Now the still had the theme song that I love. I was really happy about that. Her coach in the new movie is male instead of female and he ends up being a love interest. The recovery for Lexi is much shorter in the newer movie. I really think it was rushed.

Overall it was a good movie and my girls really liked it. I found it entertaining, but to be completely honest I prefer the original. The original seemed to have more heart and really pulled at your heart strings. This movie moved very quickly and I didn't love the characters as much. My daughters did they wanted more. They wanted to know what happened to Lexi after her last skate. I told them it looks like she lived happily ever after. They like those kinds of endings. I think I'm going to rent the original now just to let them see that. This movie is worth watching just not as good as the original. That's my opinion. If you check it out let me know what you think.


Vera said...

Watching the original with them would be an awesome idea for movie night :) I didn't hear about this remake before, I'd love to see it too. Thanks for the review :)

Diane said...

Thanks for sharing the new movie. I loved the old one and watched it many times.

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