Monday, February 15, 2010

Preparing for a Snowstorm on Vacation Week

Here we go again. A snow storm is going to hit Massachusetts tonight and into tomorrow. That means a day trapped in the house with the girls. It's their vacation week. Granted it's not going to be a blizzard, but we don't need to go anywhere so we might as well stay home. Even though I've lived in New England all my life I don't like snow. I only like the first snow fall. I really have no interest in outside winter activities. Why you may ask? Simple it's cold. I would much rather be wrapped in a blanket on my couch reading a good book than on a ski slope freezing my nose off. Sorry just don't see the appeal.

Now my daughters best friend is supposed to come over tomorrow and hopefully she'll be able to come. Now today I braved the grocery store. Now if you've never had to deal with a grocery store right before a storm let me tell you it's ugly. It's like the day before Christmas. Everyone seems to remember the blizzard of 1978 that kept people trapped in their homes for a week. So basically if they are calling for snow everyone heads to the store. I was able to survive and got all kinds of goodies for a snowy day tomorrow.

My plan is to have some type of movie marathon. Maybe Harry Potter since we are going to see the special exhibit at the Museum of Science in Boston on Wednesday. We're really looking forward to that and it might be a good idea to refresh our memories with watching the movies. There also could be some we games going on. Maybe some Lego Rock Band and .Mario Kart . These are multi player games and are always a hit. We may also make some snicker doodles and make some homemade popcorn. I'm also thinking it may be fun to make our own snowflakes with some scissors and some white pieces of paper. That's always fun.

Well plans are great. We'll see how things go tomorrow.


Kim said...

We're hit in NJ, too. Sounds like you have some nice plans, though. I did, but now have a wicked cold. My family loves Lego Rock Band. All 4 of us play it together!

Katherine said...

You know, I haven't seen a harry potter movie in AGES. I think I am two behind actually... time sure do change!

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