Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Dud Afternoon

Snow storms in New England are no biggie. I mean we have a few every year. The kids usually have a few snow days, but this year they haven't had one which is really odd. All the storms have occurred on the weekend. Well today they were predicting a really big one to hit starting a little before noon. My kids were so excited. They were watching TV and many of the schools in Mass were canceling or closing early. Then it happened the school called the house. My daughter got so excited. I answered and it was a recorded message telling us they would be closing at noon. She was thrilled a half day would mean an easy day in school and the afternoon to chill.

I picked my girls up and my daughters friend and her sister. Their mom had to work so they came to hang out for the afternoon. The storm wasn't really doing anything, but they were expecting it to hit. I made the girls lunch and they settled in for a snowy afternoon. Well the storm never really hit. We got less than an inch. That's kind of pathetic. I checked the news and they had downgraded us. Oh well you never know. I would much rather have my girls home safe then stuck at school in a snow storm. They ended up having a great afternoon with their friends and we stayed all safe and warm inside. Maybe we'll have a real snow day before the winter is over.


Robinsh said...

great description I can imagine what the weather condition around you all so enjoy
and care about !!

Katherine said...

We had a day when they were expecting a BIG SNOW. We never get snow, so they closed down the schools THE DAY BEFORE THE SNOW WAS SUPPOSED TO HIT. It didn't snow, and the kids were home. Crazy!

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