Saturday, March 20, 2010

Girl Scout Cookie Booth Sale

What a great day! My daughter's Girl Scout troop sold cookies this morning in front of a local business. They had so much fun. It was a little early for us on a Saturday morning. We got there at 9 and we had a late night at the lip synch last night. My daughter did awesome by the way. I am a very proud mom.

Anyway the girls held up signs and yelled cookie sales. They shouted to anyone who walked by and many people were out and about this morning. It is a gorgeous day here in Massachusetts. The sun is shinning and it's about 70 degrees. It's a fabulous day. The girls loved watching all the people walking their dogs and many stopped and bought cookies. The booth was across from a fire station so the fireman all came over to buy cookies. They were so nice.

The girls did a great job selling and handling the money. There 9 so they're just learning multiplication. Everyone was very patient and helpful to the girls. Of course the moms were right there, but we wanted them to do it. One lady wanted my daughter to count the money back to her. My daughter did her best, but she got nervous. Another mom helped her and the lady told her she did a good job. She really put her on the spot. My daughter was not upset by it. I was afraid she was going to burst into tears. A few months ago she would have. Well I guess she's finally growing up. Now I'm going to enjoy the rest of this gorgeous day. My daughter has already headed outside to play. I probably won't be able to get her in until dinner time. I just love this time of year.


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