Friday, March 12, 2010

Why Are the Shorts for Tweens and Teens so Short?

Seriously, I am so aggravated about this. We are going to Disney World during the girls April Vacation so I needed to get them some shorts. Well actually just my 13 year old as my 9 year old has hand me downs, thank God. Well I started looking at the mall and all the short are ridiculously short. I would say they're shorter than Daisy Dukes which I didn't think was even possible.

I just don't understand what these stores and designers are thinking. I don't want my adolescent girls walking around with their butts hanging out. It is so inappropriate. It makes me crazy. It's not even like my girls want them. They know their too short. They're not comfortable wearing them.

I want the girls to fashionable, but this is unacceptable. I am going to have to check out some other places. I know that Bermuda shorts are around as well, but they're too long. The girls may have to deal with what I can find. If anyone knows where I can find a decent length jean short please let me know.


sandy said...

Clapping for you. Too many mothers go ahead and buy the stupid things and let their young daughters look and act sleezy. Good for you. Buy the Berm. short, roll them up or hem them. Another good way to get nice shorts is a school uniform shop. They are well made, never have to be iron and will always look nice. They will be an appropriate length.

If you sew, you could make her shorts. Catalogs often have better size selections too than what you find in the stores.

Dragonfly Kisses said...

My daughters (both 7) have very long legs, so all the shorts I can find look even shorter on them. I hate it. I started buying the Bermuda shorts and hemming them. This way I can make them a length I think is appropriate for 7 year olds.

Amy said...

Dealing with this right now, and my 11 year old stepdaughter that lives with us full time. This morning, she was bawling (full fledged crying!) that she was "going to be a Goody Two Shoes who can't wear short shorts!"

I'm going to hit Goodwill tonight in hopes of finding some shorts that she will actually wear, yet allow me to live with myself! She's also 5'5" tall at 11yo! So short shorts are even worse on her. And yet...we're the bad guys. Geez....

Anonymous said...

I'm a 14 year old, and came upon this website. I'm 5'9" and I entirely agree, the shorts are way to short. I'd suggest wearing athletic shorts.. like mesh maybe with a pattern on the side, then just wear Bermuda shorts at less casual events.

Anonymous said...

"Midi" Shorts from places such as American Eagle, Wet Seal, or even Hollister.
I'm 14 and totally agree! Beleive me, these shorts will make both you AND your daughters happy :)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with y'all
im a twelve year old from Texas so you can imagine i need the shorts
were going 2 India 4 summer break and my mom wants me to get some shorts other than athletic shorts because people are really modest in India and give u looks if youre wearing stuff like that
i was searching for some shorts and came across this website
i don't like looking trashy but i like to look good but these shorts are just unbelievable
i see girls at my school with shorts like that
their not even following dress code and one time a girls but cheek actually fell out
they look so uncomfortable but i did find that Bermuda shorts slightly bigger on the bottom are easy to roll up and don't look to bad
by the way Macy's has some good shorts
they're hard to find but when u do find them the shorts are worth the price

Anonymous said...

I totally agree!! I am 11 and it is so hard to buy shorts, they only have really SHORT shorts or PANTS!! and i dont wanna spend my money on shorts i cant wear at all to school!!! yep i would say hemming burmeda shorts is the best solution, or people could actually make shorts an appropriate lengh!!

Anonymous said...

I think theyre hot.

Anonymous said...

Hi,this is a little off the subject of short shorts,but i wanted to mention about what i went thru when we had our 12 year old daughter receive her sacrement of baptism last easter at easter our parish all the girls,up to 17 wear the traditional,white,poofy,[knee length] baptism dress with a matching bonnet,lace anklets or tights and white mary jane shoes.A white cloth baptismal diaper and rubber pants is worn under the dress with a white under shirt.Most of the girls ignore the knee length tradition,and wear their dresses as high as midthigh length!My daughter also wanted her dress almost to her midthighs and since she was going to wear the lace anklets,i told her no way was her dress going to be that short and that when she bent over to recieve the water on her head,her diaper and rubber pants would show.So we got her a top of the knees dress which worked fine,no one saw her diaper and rubber pants.several of the older teen girls in the 14 to 17 year old range had the short dresses on and every one saw their diaper and rubber pants when they bent over! it was disgusting!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous-My parish had baptisms this past easter sunday and all the girls wore the same outfit as your daughter wore and i was appalled at how most of the teen girls in the 14 to 17 year old range had very short baptism dresses on! Their dresses were in the midthigh length range and when they bent over to recieve the water on their heads,their dresses went up in back and their cloth diaper and rubberpants could be seen!Afew of the older teen girls even had ruffles acroos the back of their rubberpants,and i admit,they looked cute,but i still felt it was going to far!One girl who was 16,even had baby print rubberpants on over her diaper and every one saw them when she bent over! I dont understand why the girls have to have their baptism dresses so short,do they think they are being cuter that way?I can only imagine what kind of message this must send to the teen boys seeing the short dresses on the teen girls!

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