Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Smencil's Another New Fad

Well another fad has appeared in my daughter's third grade class. There seems to be several cool things going on right now, but the one that has caught my daughter's attention is Smencils. Smencils are pencils made from recycled newspapers. After the recycled newspapers are made into pencils they are soaked in different scents such as watermelon, cinnamon, bubblegum and cotton candy. They have a very strong smell to them hence where they get their name,Smencils.

My daughter told me about them and I had no clue what they were, but she asked me if the next time we went to the store she could buy one. I said she could since she still had some birthday money left. Well I kept forgetting about them, but she didn't she continually asked me to bring her till finally we went. The store where they sold them had them on sale individually. They were I as I recall $1.50 for one pencil. It seemed a little expensive for a pencil, but I guess it could have been a lot worse. My daughter very happily picked out 2 pencils and was thrilled. She just loved that they smelled so good. It's much more fun to do school work when you have a scented pencil. That's what she tells me anyway.

She came home today and told me that her teacher has put them into the prize box. The prize box is something that they get do pick out of if they win the weekly class raffle. My daughter is still waiting to win. The funny thing is that even her teacher is onto what's cool.

I'm thinking the Smencil's are great Easter basket stuffer. I know the ones she has won't last forever so it may be wise if she got a few more. They also have colored pencil Smencils. I'll have to inform the Easter Bunny. It's a good thing I know him personally.


Babes Mami said...

thanks for the basket stuffer idea! My niece loves stuff to draw or write with.

Mom To The Power Of Three said...

That would make a great Easter present or birthday favor idea. I know that all of my kids would love these.

The Accessory Lady said...

That is awesome. Reminds me of the scratch n' sniff stickers! And at some point I think there were scented crayons. Did I imagine that? I guess anything that makes them enjoy homework is great!

Brenda said...

Smencils are used for a fundraiser for the music department at my kid's middle school every year. They also have smarkers - ball point pens that can change to a different color when you twist it, and it has a highlighter on the other end(which is the part that smells).

Jason said...

Smencils are a huge hit in my son's class too. There are Smalentines (for Valentine's Day) and holiday flavored ones as well. There is even a Smart Smencil that is scented in order to help kids concentrate.

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