Friday, March 19, 2010

Lip Synch Night

Tonight at my daughters school they have Lip Synch night. My 9 year old is performing with 2 of her friends. They are doing Naturally by Selena Gomez. They are so excited. We've gotten the girls together for the past three weekends and they came up with the whole routine themselves.

They have performed it for me and the other moms many times and they even did it for their dance teacher so she could give them some advice. I am very proud of her for working so hard on this with her friends. They all added their own little touches to it and it is a very fun routine. Of course the most important part is that they have fun.

Now tonight they get to do it for their whole school. The girls are so excited. We even got them these sparkely black t-shirts. It will be adorable. It's also fun for them to watch the other acts. My older daughter is going as well and is looking forward to it. All the kids go and there's pizza. It's just a really fun event that the school has every year. The kids just love it and I like it too. I love watching my kids have fun with their friends. Really that's what it should be all about.


Glenna Frazier said...

That's wonderful. Could be the beginning of a very creative little person. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I hope she has lots of fun! My daughter did the guitar hero battle of the bands last night at her school...her band won!

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