Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Standardize Testing Week Hard on Everyone

There are both good and bad aspects of standardize testing week. My girls were informed a few weeks ago that this would be the week for testing. We get the usual notice about not doing anything different with their schedule and that they would receive no homework and no regular tests would be given.

Well on top of that my 13 year old got a speech on how important these tests are and that the schools they apply to for high school will receive the scores. My daughter went into full blown panic. She really doesn't want something like these tests to get in the way of her getting into the high school she wants. Now I have to say she has no need to worry. She gets excellent grades and she does the drama club and volunteers when the need arises. Telling her this did not calm her down on Sunday night when she couldn't fall asleep for hours after she went to bed. It drives me crazy, but she is who she is. My other daughter is only in third grade and she seemed fine on Sunday.

Now when they came home after taking the tests Monday they were both a little cranky. It's hard to sit and just take test all day. They used to let them have a lollipop or chew on some gum to help them concentrate during the tests, but they decided to only allow that if they got special permission. I got that permission so they can be more relaxed during the test. It just seems silly, but they have new rules about food in school. They really have to take the fun out of everything my daughter says. She may be right.

I felt bad for my youngest because she had division on one of her tests and she hasn't learned that yet. She was a little upset, but I told her no one else knew it either so not to worry. She felt better and moved on.

The only bright side that I can truly see about this week is that there is no homework and no regular test. Thank goodness. They put too much stress on kids at least without the extra work they're able to come home and relax and run around outside without additional worries.

I'll be glad when their schedules go back to normal in the classroom. I think this week really throws them off.


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