Saturday, March 27, 2010

No One Wants To Be Left Out

Yesterday my 9 year old came home a little sad. Now she is a very happy easy going kid. Nothing usually gets her down, but I guess being left out is going to happen to everyone. She told me that at recess a group of her friends were playing a game and she asked if she could play too. A few of her good friends said of course she could, but 2 other girls said she couldn't there was no room for her to play. The other girls argued, but apparently these 2 rule the school yard. My daughter was crushed and walked away. She didn't know what else to do.

My heart totally broke when I heard this. How can kids be so mean? Luckily she was able to find a few other girls to play with and ended up having a good recess, but it definitely stung being told she could play.

It really makes me so made. I've always taught my daughter never to leave anyone out so she doesn't understand why they didn't want her to play. I had to tell her that some kids are just mean and those two girls are not her friends. She did the right thing in finding someone else to play with. I've been where she is and I wasn't as strong as that. I would have sit down and cried.

It really is sad how these things start so early. Girls can be so mean. Lesson learned and heart broken.


Babes Mami said...

Some kids are just mean to be mean. Hopefully she will learn early that it doesn't matter as long as you have a few close friends. I had 5 close friends all through school and we still talk. Of course there were others in between but not like those five.

LLSNT said...

Unfortunately, those girls have the power right now. It stinks and it is completely unfair, but that's the way it is on the playground and after school and at work and in clubs. I have no idea how to make it hurt less other than knowing that some day hopefully they will be serving your kids their french fries.

Chic Gal said...

I have dealt with these situations many times both being a teacher and a mother. Keep telling your daughter to be nice to everyone no matter what. I always say, "You can catch more flies with honey." These mean girls will realize they aren't ruffling your daughter's feathers and unfortunately will move on to harassing someone else.

JAS said...

Thank you all for your support and advice. I do tell her to be nice to everyone and for the most part she has had no problem. I just hope she keeps on smiling. She has already made plans with friends by phone to play on the playground Monday so there is no issue. Fingers crossed.

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