Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Excited For Upcoming Trip

Yesterday, when I was changing the sheets on all the beds I discovered a marker in my 9 year old's bed. I had no idea why this was in her bed. Then I removed the pillow and discovered a piece of paper marking off how many days left until we leave for Disney World. We are members of the Disney Vacation Club and we are going for the girls spring vacation week.

They are pretty lucky kids. We take them almost every year, but they are always excited. This year my 9 year old told me she is finally going to try one of the roller coasters. She has been very afraid of them. We are going to tackle Thunder Mountain and move on from there. I'm excited as well because that means I get to go on. I always stay behind with her because I'm the mom.

I just found it so adorable that she had a count down. When she came home and found I had changed the bed she told me she was putting her count down back. I told her okay and gave her a big hug. I'm glad she's excited and I am too. I need a vacation.


Glenna Frazier said...

That's very cute. Have a great time. Let us know how those coasters were for you.

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