Sunday, November 8, 2009

EPCOT and Back to Reality

Yesterday was the real last day of my trip with my husband. My apologies for not blogging, but the hotel connection wasn't working. So no Entrecard drops were done. Anyway back on topic. We headed to EPCOT yesterday. We were really looking forward to spending the day tasting different food and wine as it was the Food and Wine Festival. Apparently we were not the only ones. We first went to Soarin because if you don't do that ride immediately when entering EPCOT you may not get the chance and it really is one of my favorite rides in all of Disney World. I love feeling like I'm hang gliding above California. It's just such a beautiful experience. When we were through we grabbed a pastry in The Land and headed off toward the World Showcase.

We entered the Showcase and so were many other people. We casually walked around scoping out the different wines we wanted to taste and not to mention I needed to visit Japan because my girls were hoping for gifts from the cute toy store they have there. We did that and then decided we should think about eating so we headed back toward the food that looked the most appealing on our first walk through. As we walked back we couldn't believe the lines that were forming for the food and wine. It was crazy. We had come to EPCOT during this festival for the past few years and have never seen it this busy.

Well we thought that since the food booths were crazy we wouldn't have any trouble getting into the Japanese restaurant that we love. We were correct and had a fabulous meal. Honestly, I was stuffed, but still looking forward to some fabulous wine. Well too bad for me because it wasn't going to happen. We didn't want to spend our last day standing in line. These lines were seriously not moving. We decided to head back to the pool and have a nice relaxing swim. My husband actually hadn't even had a swim in the pool as he was busy with the convention so we enjoyed our swim. We then headed out for dinner and hung out at this Irish Pub in Downtown Disney. They had some awesome live music. We had a great time, but stayed out way too late. I honestly wanted to throw the alarm across the room when it went off this morning.

It's never as fun to head back home as it is to go on vacation, but in this case I was looking forward to seeing my girls. I missed the little buggers. They greeted us with big hugs and kisses and were all ready to head back to our house and to our dog. She had her own personal babysitter (my brother) because she's such a baby. She gets sick if she doesn't stay at home so she couldn't go stay with my mom. Anyway we got home with all the stuff we left with and I had to hit the laundry. It's still going. I should have gone to the grocery store, but I just didn't have the energy. Luckily after checking the frig and pantry we have plenty of stuff to get us through until tomorrow and then I will hit the grocery store and stock up.

All in all a great trip, but I am happy to be home to sleep in my own bed tonight. I look forward to my trip in April with my girls.


Katherine said...

Glad you are back safe and sound from a terrific trip!

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