Thursday, November 19, 2009

Glee a Winner Again

Well another Glee and another happy smile on my face and my daughters. The only thing missing last night was Sue Sylvester the cheer leading coach. She's crazy funny, but the show was still great without her.

This one had to do with pairing up and singing a ballad to your partner. They have to pick the partner out of a hat. This leads to some interesting pairings.

Rachel ends up with a crush on Mr. Schuester. It's very funny and gives us some great songs.

Mr. Schuester sings a melody of Don't Stand So Close to Me Glee Cast - Don't Stand So Close to Me / Young Girl (Glee Cast Version) - Single - Don't Stand So Close to Me / Young Girl (Glee Cast Version). It was great. Rachel didn't get the hint, but that only made it more fun.

Rachel and Mr. Schuester sang Endless Love Glee Cast - Endless Love (Glee Cast Version) - Single - Endless Love (Glee Cast Version) it was great.

Finn sang I'll Stand By You Glee Cast - I'll Stand By You (Glee Cast Version) - Single - I'll Stand By You (Glee Cast Version) to his unborn baby. This was so sweet.

The best of all was the full cast singing Lean On Me Glee Cast - Lean On Me (Glee Cast Version) - Single - Lean On Me (Glee Cast Version) to Quinn and Finn after Quinn gets kicked out of her house when her parents find out she's pregnant. Finn's mom takes her in.

All in all another great episode not my favorite of the season, but I enjoyed it and look forward to next week. Bring on the Glee!


GagayMD said...

hi! dropping by! care for exlinks?

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Unknown said...

I really love Glee too. It is such an unique show. Haven't seen something as good as this in quite a while. When will Mr. Shue ever discover the truth about his wife? Ready for that relationship to be over. lol

Paula said...

I'm also love Glee but I have yet to watch it just stumbled on its commercial today.

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