Saturday, November 28, 2009

Santa Parade and Afternoon with Hubby

Today was the day my youngest was dancing in a local parade with the dance studio she attends. My oldest wasn't into it so she opted out. Anyway we had to get her to the meeting place a half hour before the parade dressed a certain way. Now it's not really what I would call really cold yet, but there was quite a wind blowing today. The car was being blown all over the place. When we arrived at the meeting place my husband had to drop me and my daughter off and circle the parking lot because everyone else in town was getting dropped off as well. The place was full of parents running their kids to meet up with their groups. It was organized chaos. The best kind.

When I arrived at my daughters group I was given bobby pins and a toy soldier hat to put on her head. I knew she was wearing a hat that's why I put this massive bun on top of her head. It looked like she was wearing a crown. The concern was the hat would blow off in the crazy wind. I put as many pins as I could in and got a couple complaints as I did it and had to readjust. All I could do was hope the hat would still be there when she passed me on the parade route.

I walked all the way back in search of my husband. Next we headed off to friends who live on the parade. The parade started and it was so much fun. My friends little boys loved it and my nieces and even my older daughter got into the swing of things. Different groups threw candy and that always gets the kids excited. My daughters group was adorable. They danced as wooden soldiers and saluted us and she waved as she passed by with a big smile on her face. She was looking for us. We stand at the same spot every year so it makes things easy. Oh and the hat stayed on her head. That was a miracle. There really was this crazy wind. A few minutes after she passed my husband hopped in the car to pick her up at the end of the parade. He got her back in time to see the end of the parade. She got some candy and the most important thing of all she got to see Santa riding on a fire engine. She was thrilled last year she didn't get to see any of the parade herself. Well we aim to please. Everyone had a smile on their faces including my husband and me because the kids all packed into my mother's car to spend the afternoon helping her decorate for Christmas. Well my oldest was going to a birthday party, but the point is we were child free for the afternoon.

We headed out for a nice quite lunch and the went to the movies. It was my husbands pick and as long as it's not a horror flick I'm fine with it. Well we were going to see The Blindside, but the timing was off so he picked Ninja Assassin. All I'm going to say is that this movie is in no way for kids or for some adults. I had my eyes closed for 75% of the movie. There was so much blood I honestly wonder if the majority of the budget for the movie was spent on fake blood. Now don't get me wrong I love action movies and that's what I thought this was and to some extent it was just with way to much blood for me. My husband thought it was okay. You never really know till you see it. We are now hanging out at home watching The Chronicles of Riddick. I love this movie. I am a huge Vin Diesel fan. Now this is an action movie I can enjoy.

My youngest should be home any second and my guess is she will be exhausted from dancing down main street. So my afternoon off is just about over. That's okay I look forward to seeing my little munchkin. The oldest is staying over a friends so it should be quiet. No fighting over the TV.


Blia said...

My husband's been wanting to see Ninja Assassin too. Not sure myself now. Will have to see. Thanks for the post.

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