Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Rude Wake Up and Hollywood Studios

The first morning of our vacation didn't start all that fabulously. Not that I should complain about anything being down here in the sunshine state on vacation. However, my husband and I were rudely awakened by people in the hallway. They were slamming doors and talking loudly at 5:00 AM. We thought we would get to sleep in, but no that was not in the cards. Neither of us could fall back to sleep and all I could think of was how rude it was. Seriously what is wrong with people. If I was moving in a hallway in a hotel that early I would be as quiet as possible. Well I guess some people weren't taught manners. Oh well we're still on vacation or I am at least. He'll have work later in the week.

We went to Hollywood Studios today. This is my favorite Disney park. I just love everything about it. As soon as we got there today we headed straight for the Toy Story Mania ride. If you have never heard of it let me tell you it is so much fun. You play carnival games in 4D. I found myself laughing and smiling well after we were through. We got a fast pass so we could go on again later.

We then found ourselves starving so we ate at The SciFi Diner. I love this place. It may be because I'm a little bit of a scifi geek, but it's so much fun to eat at a place that is set up like the old drive-in theaters. The tables are even made to look like cars and they show all the crazy old Scifi movies that are just so ridiculous you can't help, but laugh. The food was great so I can not recommend this place enough. Everything about it is fun.

Next we went to the American Idol Experience. We loved it. Three contestants are chosen to perform at each show. There are several shows throughout the day and the winner of each show performs in the finale and the winner of that is given a special golden ticket to move to the front of the line at a real American Idol Audition. The show was fabulous. It felt like the real show and we were in the audience. The stage is the same and they have judges that seem to have the same personalities as the judges from the show. At the end of the performance we get to pick the winner. I'm happy to say that the guy we picked won this show and moved on to the finale. Again we went to see another of these shows and because we didn't have the children we could do whatever we wanted and we wanted to see American Idol. Again the one we chose moved on to the finale. We didn't see the finale, but I'm sure it was great both of the performers we saw were really talented.

We also went on the backlot tour which is fun. It's cool to see all the behind the scenes stuff. I enjoyed this.

It was nice to just be able to walk around at our own pace and just do what we wanted. No one was whining and no one was complaining. We left when we were ready. It was a very relaxing and fun day so just because the day started off rocky we didn't let it ruin our day. Not sure what we'll be doing tomorrow, but I'm sure I'll blog about it.


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