Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire Assistant

Well I just got back from the movies with my 12 year old. We went to see Cirque du Freak: The Vampire Assistant with 4 of her friends. I was the only mom. They were awesome and had the best time. They were so cute getting their ICEEs, popcorn and candy even though it was the day after Halloween. None of them remembered to bring their candy. Well my daughter did because I told her there was no way I was paying for candy not after the haul she got last night.

They picked their seats and giggled through the previews and then were as good as gold through the movie. It was a good movie not Emmy winning or anything, but it greatly entertained five 12 year old girls.

For moms who don't know anything about this movie it's about a boy named Darren not sure the age, but I'm thinking middle school. He's a fairly happy kid popular and gets good grades the only thing is his best friend, Steve, is a trouble maker. They end up going to see this Cirque de Freak show that has come to town. Steve recognizes one of the Freaks as a Vampire and he wants to be one as he has a crummy life. Darren is much more interested in the Vampire's pet spider. Anyway Darren ends up stealing the spider and when Steve finds out he gets bit by her and in order to save Steve's life from the spider bit Darren makes a deal with the Vampire to become his assistant in exchange for the antidote. Darren is then forced to leave home and his family to go live with the Cirque as he is now a freak.

We meet some very interesting characters in this and some of them may be disturbing to some children. I looked away a few times. Sensitive children should not see this. But the majority was fine and the fight scenes were not all that bad. There were definitely some very funny scenes that had the girls really laughing. I do feel this movie is for older tweens. I did not take my 8 year old and I'm glad I didn't she would not have liked it. She'll probably see it when it comes out on DVD, but there really is a difference between seeing a movie in the theater and in your own home.

I would definitely recommend this movie for kids who are really into the vampire thing. It gives a different take than you see in Twilight. The girls truly loved it and left the theater hoping for a sequel and had plans to read all the books as soon as possible. The Cirque du Freak books are written by Darren Shan and definitely worth checking out. There are 12 in all. The first 3 now come in a special movie edition. This is on my daughters Christmas list now. That's what I love about movies based on books especially a series of books. There's more to discover and I love anything that will get my daughter to read.


Janet said...

Thanks so much for your review. My daughter is 13 and I've been wondering if it was appropriate for her, so you've greatly relieved my concerns.

blackberry application said...

i like horror movie, the vampires movie sometimes make me fell so scary, but i still enjoy the movies

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