Monday, November 16, 2009

Great Book Series For Tween Girls

Well as you may have heard me say several times before my daughter is not a big fan of reading. This means I'm always on the search for books she'll find interesting and are not too long.

Last summer I found the perfect series for her. It's the Alice series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. There are a total of 22 books released at this moment with more to come. Oh there are also 3 prequels to the series.

The series deals with a girl named Alice who is in the 6th grade. She lost her mother when she was 5 to leukemia. The story how she deals with growing up being the only female in the house with her father and older brother. The story deals with all the typical things that occur when a girl goes through be a tween and then turning into a teen. I should mention that they touch on every topic imaginable and that as Alice ages so does the story lines. My daughter has only read up to the books that take place in 8th grade.

She finds it very easy to relate to Alice. As she reads the books she comes and talks to me about different things that happen to Alice. It's almost like Alice was a friend of hers. I love that and I love that she enjoys the books that she's reading. The books are usually short in length and have a good story to tell. I have been getting them for her slowly as she hits the age that Alice is in the books. She's slightly ahead at the moment, but that's okay. I can't keep the child in a bubble. I just want her to be ready for the topics that Alice is tackling.

If you have a tween girl give the books a try. I know you will not be sorry. The first book in the series is titled The Agony of Alice

There is also a direct to DVD movie that was released in July of 2008. My daughter loved that too. The movie is titled Alice Upside Down Check it out.


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