Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Parent Teacher Conferences

My girls were lucky this week. They have had half days of school Monday and Tuesday and of course Wednesday. The school does this so they are able to have conferences during the afternoon on Monday and Tuesday.

Today was my day to meet with the teachers. I always get nervous. I get this nervousness in my stomach and my palms get sweaty. Oh and the night before I have difficulty sleeping. I honestly don't know why this happens it's just the way I am. It really is the strangest thing because I have never had a bad conference for my girls and I have already seen their report cards which were great.

So I head in with about 5 teachers to see. My 8 year old still only has 1 teacher, but my 12 year old has like 7. I asked her who she wanted me to see and there were really only 4 so that made it easy.

No problem with my 12 year old. In fact one teacher looked at me and asked me why I was there. I told her my daughter wanted me to check in with her so the conference honestly lasted about a minute. I found that entertaining. All of her teachers think she's sweet and doing her best so no worries.

My 8 year old again is a really hard working student and her teacher loves her. The only thing is we need to work on her spelling. Not necessarily her spelling test, but her being able to retain the words she has already been tested on. I feel for my daughter. I'm a terrible speller and so is my husband. I just thank God for spell check or I would be in big trouble. Her teacher gave me some ideas and I'll definitely give them all a try. I want her to be confident and have a great year. All in all nothing I wasn't ready to hear or didn't already know.

So why the nervousness before the conferences. Well I think I always want the best for my children and I want their teachers to know that they are great kids and are doing their best. I want the teachers to see my children the way I do and thankfully they do and I'm so happy with all of them this year. Hopefully it will continue to be a great year.


sheilasultani said...

I also get nervous before these conferences and I think it is because I feel like I'm being graded along with my kid.

Lin said...

I hate when teachers ask you why you are there! They should want to meet each and EVERY parent--not just the ones who's kids are having problems. I not only go to meet each teacher, but when our school changed policy so that only their homeroom teacher would meet with you, I requested (in writing) to meet each teacher individually. Whew, were they MAD! I guess I was taking up their precious free time. Uh, I'm thinking that's why my kid was Valedictorian.

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