Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Crazy Halloween!

Yeah Halloween is here today. My kids love it and I have always thought it was fun. I mean think about it for one night you get to dress up in a costume of your choosing and be someone else and people give you free candy. How could this not be a sweet deal.

Well tonight was a little different for me. My oldest daughter was invited to a party in which they would go trick or treating. She was so excited to be going with all her friends. This is the first year she had ever gone with out me or my husband and I wonder if it will be her last. I mean when are they too old to go trick or treating. The girl across the street from us is 14 and I don't think she's gone out in the last 3 years. It's sad to see them grow out of this.

Anyway I dropped my daughter off at her friends and preceded to twist my ankle in a hole that was covered with leaves. Not fun. Luckily it seems okay just a little sore but none the less a real pain in the you know what. I returned home to find my youngest almost ready to go out and trick or treat. She was a ninja this year and she karate chopped all the way down the street to collect her candy. She loves this costume.

Well we went for an hour and she made out like a bandit. The people in my neighborhood gave out the best candy. She was so tired. I offered to let her keep going, but she said she was good.

Now we're home I'm starving and all we have to eat is chocolate and skittles. This may seem like a fabulous meal to my 8 year old, but not me. I'm about to get my oldest at her party and then I think some form of take out may be in order. Possibly a bottle of wine as well to enjoy with my husband once we tuck our fairy and ninja into bed.

I hope everyone out there had a very safe and happy Halloween.


Smart Cents Mom said...

Glad your daughter's had a great Halloween. My daughter had a party at our house with 14 girls. It was crazy but fun.

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