Saturday, June 19, 2010

Boston Red Sox Silly Bandz

I just came back with my daughter from a birthday/pool party. She had the best time and had brand new silly bandz all over her wrist. I just put her in the shower and I was checking out the silly bandz and low and behold they are Boston Red Sox Silly Bandz and all I have to say is how cool is that. I love them. I need a package of my own to show the love to my favorite team which has climbed it's way out of the basement.

My daughter didn't realized they were Red Sox symbols until I told her and now she is so excited. We are going to a game on the Fourth of July and I know she will be sporting these bandz proudly and maybe I will be as well. Why not? I'm a hip mom. I know what's cool


ScrappinMichele said...

My kids are sooo into the Silly Bandz but I didn't know they had them for teams. How cool!!!

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