Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We Got a New Kitten Today!

Sorry I haven't been posting as much. It's just crazy with summer here and the kids home everyday not to mention fighting my daughter for use of the computer.

Today was a funny kind of day. My mother took my older daughter out with her to the store just to get her off the couch. She's been in a little rut since getting out of school. Anyway my mom asked her if there was anything she'd like and my daughter replied that she wanted a kitten or a dog since the dog we have is basically my dog. She follows me everywhere and sleeps with me. My daughter tries every night to get her to sleep with her and the dog jumps off her bed and barks at the door. Well my mother said she'd have to ask me first. She called and I had been cleaning the basement today and found evidence of mice so a cat sounded pretty good to me. I called my husband and he had no issues with it so my mom took her to the MSPCA. She had no problem finding an adorable little kitten to adopt. My mom called and said I needed to come down so they could see the owner of the home. I did and now we have an adorable little kitten named Soxs. Named after my Red Sox. I always wanted a cat named Soxs. There were conditions with the adoption of the cat. first off my daughter is in charge of the kitty litter. Second she has to promise not to sit on the couch all day. It drives me crazy.

We are very happy with our new edition, but I'm a little concerned about the dog. My dog thinks she rules the house and well she does. They told us to keep them separated for at least a week because Soxs was just neutered. We don;'t want any fighting. Then we have to gradually introduce them. Fingers crossed this goes well.


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