Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Getting Excited For Eighth Grade

My 13 year old is dancing on air right now. She has finished her finals and is basically just wrapping up school. All her books have been returned and she has emptied her locker. They technically have two days left of school, but it's over let;s face it. The eighth graders graduated last week so since then my daughter thinks she's an eighth grader. This is such an exciting thing for her. The eighth graders do so many great things to celebrate. In fact she will need 4 to 5 nice dresses for all the different events she'll attend. It's enough to make me crazy. She can't wait to go dress shopping.

My mom thought she'd poke around the sale racks yesterday to see what she could find. We figured if we bought her a couple of her dresses this year and made sure they had a little room to grow it we be a great savings. Oh and not to mention the fact that the chances of someone having the same dress would be slim. We do like to be original.

Well my mom hit gold. She called me from the store and had found a beautiful black dress with spaghetti straps. She snatched it up at a fabulous price. When she was about to leave she noticed another cute dress. It was strapless, but very appropriate. My daughter will have to wear a shawl with both dresses. My mom snatched that one up to and she couldn't believe the deal she got.

My mom was so excited with her finds she drove over to my house. My daughter was so excited. She tried on both dresses. One would have to be taken in and the other had a little give so we should be good to go. She loved them both. When her father got home that night she tried them on for him and then twirled around saying I'm an eighth grader. It was so cute. Though it makes me a little sad. My little girl she growing up. Someone want to tell me how this happened and is there anyway to slow it down. I don't think I'm ready for this.


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