Saturday, June 5, 2010

Recital Weekend

This is the weekend that I look forward to every year. I love watching my girls perform after they have practiced so hard all year. However it makes the week and weekend very stressful and busy. They each had a dress rehearsal earlier in the week. Of course they were on different days. That's just the way things work out.

Now my oldest daughter only takes ballet this ear and honestly she doesn't love dance. It's been a struggle to get her to class each week. She was really nervous today and that caused everything to be stressful this afternoon. She just wanted it to be over.

Her sister on the other hand was bouncing around the house. She loves dance and she had 3 routines to perform today. She totally cooperated with me.

I always have butterflies in my stomach because I want them to be happy and to do well. Well they rocked it. I was very impressed with both of them. Everything went great and they were both happy. Now my oldest has informed me she is not doing dance next year and that's okay with me. She can find something else to do. She finished out this year and I'm proud of her for that. She was actually in a class that was a higher level than she's at, but she did her best and I as I said I'm very proud of her. My little one smiled through everything and I can see her doing this for a long time.

When we came out of the recital there were ominous clouds so we ran to our car and made it just in time. The sky opened up and the winds came. It was quite scary. We pulled over and let it pass. When it lightened up we headed for home and had to dodge downed trees and other things to get home. When we got home I had to eat a sub my awesome husband got me and head for the next recital. My girls weren't in in, but I volunteered to sit with some younger dancers backstage. Well when I got back I was told there was no power and they were waiting to find out when it would come back on. Well 15 minutes after that they had to postpone the show till tomorrow. Bottom line my whole weekend is taken up by these recitals, but since it's for my kids and the dance studio that has been so great to my girls I don't mind. I'm just going to be really tired.


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