Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Such a Busy Time of Year.

Memorial day weekend was just so busy I never had time to post. This week continues to be crazy as well. On the weekend we had a dance recital to attend for my nieces and all though one got sick right before the show. The poor thing, my other niece totally rocked it. We also went to the movies and out to dinner on Saturday. Sunday we went to the beach and on Sunday well I had to do the food shopping and my daughter needed my computer all day to work on a a study guide for her literature final. It was just busy.

Now Tuesday was a insane. My 9 year old had a special field trip that I attended. I had a group of 3 girls in my group and they swam, played mini-golf and played on a fun playground. They had a great time, but it was hot and they got tired. Right after the field trip I had to bring her to her dance dress rehearsal. I was a volunteer at this as well. My daughter has 3 costumes and the hair is different depending on the costume. I helped all the kids change and did many buns. I'm getting rather good at doing a ballet bun. The kids again were great, but it was a long day. We didn't finish till around 7:30PM. When I got home I gave her a shower and put her to bed. Luckily she had no homework. When she went to bed I sat on the couch and couldn't move.

Today My 13 year old had her field trip at the same place. The older ones are easier, but they can get goofy or should I say silly. They had a great time too, but I'm tired and now my 13 year old needs to study for 2 finals she has tomorrow. I'm telling you this craziness never ends. You can stick a fork in me because I am so done.


dddiva said...

Remember to take time for you. :)

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