Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another Fabulous Day!

Okay well yesterday started with tears and ended with laughter. Yesterday was the day I was dreading even though I knew it would be fine, but of course mother's stress. My oldest was going back to ballet class after being gone since she was 7. She is now 12. Anyway she's not into sports, but I like her to get some kind of activity in her life so I told her she had to pick something. She did jazz last year and loved it so this year she decided to do both ballet and Jazz. Well she was nervous because the classes were from 6:15 to 8:45 with a half hour break in between. She gets quite a bit of homework so there was stress because heaven forbid she doesn't get to watch TV. The TV is her favorite part of the day. She was trying to do some homework before school that was due the next day and she was taking to long so I had to yell to get her butt in the car so she wouldn't be late for school. So the tears came. My fault I shouldn't have yelled but she wasn't listening. She calmed and got to school, but after school would come the dance class.

Her best friend was taking the class with her so life should be good right. Wrong. She saw her dance teacher from last year and she told her that she put her in a class with older girls as last year she had a few that were younger and it made things difficult. Again she should be happy with this news. Right. No, sorry wrong. She starts to panic and say that she may not want to keep going with the class. Some of the girls may be in High School. She's not comfortable with that. Well she doesn't complain about the class again, but she does complain about the homework and how she has so much and the class may be something she can't handle. Moving on she goes to the class and I have to worry until I pick her up at 8:45 which I agree is really late. Well what does she do she comes out laughing and smiling and couldn't stop telling me what a great time she had in class. There were girls she knew from other things and they had a great time. We get home and she watches Glee! with us. More on that show later. She was so happy. So again I worry all day and for nothing because as usual things work out and she's happy and at the end of the day that's all that really matters.


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