Monday, September 14, 2009

Pimples, Pimples They Need Soap!

Oh, it can be so frustrating when my daughter complains about a few blackheads or pimples on her face. Then I ask her. Did you wash your face after school? She looks at me like I have ten heads. Which apparently I do. I think I've got her drilled for the most part. You need to wash your face with soap or actually she uses that Neutrogena Wave or Neutrogena Deep Facial Cleanser which works really well for her. I have her do this 3 times a day. When she gets up, after school, and before bed. I also have her put some rubbing alcohol on after washing. My mother always had me do that when I was younger and it dries out those oily pores. Then there are the days when she gives me the "in a minute". I hate that because what it really means is, if I keep pushing it off you'll forget. News flash moms don't forget. My thought is if she isn't diligent with her cleanliness she's going to break out. Oh and for heavens sake she needs to stop touching her face. That makes it worse. She's been lucky so far but some of her friends are having a harder time. If she really starts to break out she's off to the dermatologist. They have the prescription stuff, but she'll still need to wash her face with some type of soap 3 times a day. I realize that no matter what you do you're going to get pimples and other fun face blemishes. I still get them and I'm never happy about it, but I think you need to at least try to hold them at bay. I may drive her crazy now but maybe just maybe she'll thank me someday.


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