Thursday, September 24, 2009

An A- is Good Right?

Of course the very idea of a child not telling everyone in sight that they got 100% on a test is ridiculous. They are going to brag they can't help themselves and they should feel good about themselves. However what about the kid who didn't do as well? How do they feel? I'll tell you. They feel pretty crumby. My daughter who's in third grade got her math test back today and she got 90%. Last time I checked that was an A- and a very good grade. She didn't see it that way. Apparently everyone else got 100% or at least that's what she was told. For a moment I didn't know what to say. I thought her grade was great. My theory has always been if you try your best I will always be proud of you. I told her just that. Who cares if she got 1 or 2 wrong. She did because apparently there is another child in the class who feels it's necessary to make a big deal out of her grades and makes some of the other kids feel they're not good enough if they don't do as well. This makes me crazy. Self-esteem is such a hard thing to build in any child I don't want anyone knocking her down over something as silly as this. I've told my daughter not to let this girl know her grades. Grades are private and should remain that way. No one has the right to make you feel bad when you've worked hard. I reinforced that and told her again and again how great I thought she did and that she may get 100% next time and if she does that's great, but no matter what if she's tried her best I'm happy and she should be too. She's happy now and she should be.


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