Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Laundry the Endless Nightmare

Well calling it a nightmare may be a little extreme, but it's definitely never ending. I start the day by throwing in a wash followed by another. Have to separate the lights and darks after all. When it's finished I have to fold it put it away and then iron anything that may need to be ironed. My husband's work shirts and my daughter's uniforms all need to be ironed. I get all that taken care of well for the most part sometimes I don't always get all the laundry put away immediately. I feel pretty good about myself getting all that done and then the girls come home from school. The uniforms go in the hamper and play clothes or casual clothes go on. If they have dance they have to change clothes again. Time for bed clothes in hamper PJs on. Wake up the next morning PJs in hamper uniforms on. Great they head off to school I look at the hamper and it's overflowing. The vicious cycle starts all over again. Oh and lets not forget about the day that there is another load of wash do to on "clean sheet night" which I do have to say is one of my favorite days of the week. I love getting into bed when it's "clean sheet night." The sheets smell wonderful and they're all neat and perfect. Even my girls love "clean sheet night" because they destroy their beds when they sleep at night. I go in to wake them in the morning and the sheet is on one side, blanket on the other and the comforter is pulled up over their heads. Honestly I have no idea what they do during the night. It's crazy. They are in charge of making their own beds except on "clean sheet night" when I go in and put them back together. So all hail "clean sheet night". However that means another load of laundry. Oh and let us not forget if I happen to not do laundry for a day for whatever reason then it all piles up into an endless mountain that even the best climber would be afraid to attempt. That mountain won't go away unless I make it go away. Bottom line I don't like laundry and it doesn't like me. It is an endless, endless night mare. Yeah, I changed my mind calling it a nightmare is right on the money.


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