Monday, September 21, 2009

Picture Day!

It's picture day and that means my daughter who usually has to wear a uniform gets to wear regular clothes. Of course we also live in New England so you never know what the weather is going to be like. It was cool most of last week but it has decided to warm up again. Typical, I know and for the most part the warm weather is most welcome. However, the outfit she picked out for pictures was a long sleeve sweater so this would not do on a day when it will be in the upper 80's so that means wardrobe change. Luckily she found something after an hour or so yesterday. Thank goodness I made her get the outfit ready yesterday or she wouldn't have made it to school. Seriously I love school uniforms. I couldn't go through this everyday.

Oh and then there's the pimple that decided to manifest itself over the weekend. So she's been freaked out about that being in the picture. Of course if she would stop touching her face maybe it wouldn't have happened. Oh and the fact that her little sister who is only 8 wanted to know what the big red thing on her sister's chin was. She thought it was a bug bite. It was just so great because that set the older one off. Apparently it's the end of the world again and it's her little sister's fault. The only good thing is it wasn't my fault. I had to explain to the little one that it was a pimple and not to say another thing about it because she would be getting them one day too. She apologized and the storm passed and things went back to normal. She left for school looking very adorable or should I say cool. She was happy and I had a headache.


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