Monday, September 28, 2009

Picking Out Your First Bra.

Okay here's the deal. My daughter who is now 12 has been wearing these sports bra's for the past 2 years. It's really all she's needed up to this point. She has suddenly grown over night at least it seems that way. So we had a talk about going to the mall and getting some real bra's. I was a little stressed out and I have to say she wasn't to happy about it either. We went to Aerie at the mall. I told the girl I wanted to have her measured so I could be sure we were getting the right size. She took us to the dressing room and very discretely measured her. It was definitely time for a cup sized bra. The sales girl gave us a tray of all the different styles of bras they carried at the store. It made things so easy. She tried on all the different types and there were 2 that she liked the best. I believe they were the Hannah and the Katie. The girl had said that those were the most comfortable for girls my daughters age. We then went out and she picked out the ones that she wanted. I send out my thanks to the sales girl who helped us. She was great. I would tell any mom out there that this is a great place to take young girls to get their first real bra. All and all it was a no stress experience and after all isn't that what we want. My daughter was very grown up about the whole thing. Of course she wanted one of the ribbons that they hook on the bag when you leave. They're one of her favorite things about going to Aerie. My younger daughter was given one as well and we left with smiles. I was pretty sure I was going to leave with a child telling me I'm not going to wear them but she didn't say that at all. Sometimes they surprise you and sometimes that surprise makes me realize that my little girl is growing up and I have no choice but to let her. No one ever told me how hard that would be.


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