Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Picture Day Take 2!

Okay I thought today would be the easier day. I hate being wrong so often it really makes things crazy. Anyway my 8 year old doesn't usually give me any trouble about what she wears but today was a little different. Again no uniforms for picture day. She's had her outfit picked out for well over a month. We got it at the GAP and she loved it. Actually Grandma took her to the store and she picked it out. She was very happy with that and it was short sleeved so no need to worry about the weather. Which by the way is going to be 80 which is a little high for this time of year. Anyway it wasn't the clothes it was the shoes. I just figured she'd wear her sneakers or school shoes which match the outfit perfect as they are blue. Oh no she dug through the closet looking for anything and everything else. She tried them all on and when she discovered none of them were comfortable the pout appeared on the face. I felt terrible because I didn't think it was a big deal. I was wrong. I promised we would look into shoes for the future. This seemed to appease her and the smile returned. We then went through every headband we had before finding the right one. Apparently she's on the verge of turning into my older daughter rather quickly. Thank goodness she still loves her American Girl dolls and Barbies.

Oh and a quick note about yesterday's picture day. It went fine but someone else was wearing the same shirt as my daughter. I tried to brush it under the rug and it seemed to work but she said there was some pointing and whispering by the other girl and her friends. I just told her it looked much better on her and we moved on. No point dwelling on it. There's nothing you can do and she seemed to be okay so we're going with that. Hopefully that won't happen today, but if it does I think it's just a case of my children having good taste and others like the same look.


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