Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Adorable Christmas Gift Idea for Tweens.

Yesterday was Columbus Day so my girls had the day off and of course they want to do one of their favorite activities. Go to the mall. We did all the usual mall stuff, but there was one thing they could not stop talking about. We went into Sephora, the cosmetic store. They were looking all over at all the stuff that makes tween girls go crazy. You know nail polish and eye shadow in every color you can imagine and probably a few you can't. Then we reached the perfumes. Oh so many to smell, but there was this one display that caught their attention. They were perfume bottles that had these cute little dolls on top of the bottles. They were so cute or kawaii because they looked like little Japanese Dolls. Now I personally love Japanese dolls. I collect Jenny Dolls so these little bottles had my attention as well. They were dressed in these cute wintery outfits and the sales girl told us they were a limited edition and she just put them out. They were called Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies . I guess they are a perfume line created by Gwen Stefanie.

The girls smelled all the different scents and the favorites were the one called G and Love though they really liked all of them. Each bottle was $30. My thought was these would make awesome Christmas gifts. They thought so as well because as we were leaving the store they asked if maybe they could get one as a Christmas present.

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Sam said...

Those are really cutie dolls! And the thought of Christmas nearing as each day goes by gives me a special feeling of hapiness:)

Ida Red (aka Richele) said...

THAT is wonderful!!!! Thanks for posting it!

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