Friday, October 23, 2009

School Dances and Butterflies or is it Fairies?

Just came back from dropping my 12 year old daughter and her best friends off at their school Halloween dance. They were so cute getting ready. They went as fairies so they spent some time putting on very colorful eyeshadow and putting on some jewelry with lots of sparkle. They had to look just right. I smiled as I listened to them talk or should I say giggle about the thought of who would ask them to dance. Butterflies also began to spin in my stomach. My daughter went to 2 dances last year and she didn't get asked to dance and she was crushed. I told her she shouldn't worry about that and just have fun with her friends. Then I tried to explain to her that boys at this age are dumb when it comes to girls. Sometimes they just don't get it and they are as nervous as the girls. This cheered her a little at the time, but I'm so worried it will happen again. My daughter is very shy especially around boys so mommy has butterflies.

It's like I was back in middle school. I was shy as well. I remember sitting and watching many of my friends get asked to dance and I just stood there. It was so difficult to endure and I really don't want my daughter to endure that. Well fingers crossed one of those awkward boys will ask her to dance.

Of course there's also the worry about when a boy does start to like her. Then do I have to deal with phone calls or should I say texts? I guess it's a catch 22. Oh well I just don't want my baby girls heart broken. Hearts are such fragile things. It really is hard to be a tween and I know I would never want to live through it again. Though I feel like I am.


Momstart said...

Having a duaghter that will one day be in that situation I feel the same as you. Top concern is her getting her heart broken, next concern, boys having interest in her also resulting in heart broken and her growing up and leaving me one day.

Kristin said...

I really like your blog so I am giving you an award! Please accept it @

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