Monday, October 5, 2009

We Have an Official Case of the Mondays!

Okay right the day starts off with my alarm going off. It's still seems dark outside. My bed is warm and I'm so comfortable and I'm pretty sure the dream I was having is way better than what's going to happen when I start this day. I get up though because if I don't get moving immediately the whole household will be thrown off. I head down stairs and grab a quick cup of cereal flick on the news to check the weather. Heaven knows what kind of day we'll have in New England. I'm not a coffee drinker so no caffeine pick me up. I know shocking, but I never cared for the taste. The only coffee I like is Dunkin Donuts coffee coolatas and we all know that it may have that fabulous caffeine, but it also has tons of calories so that's a treat I only have once a week. Maybe today the way things are going. Anyway moving on I put the dog out. She's the cutest little thing ever and I need to make sure the coyotes don't get her. Yes, they would think she's a great snack. Anyway it's then time to wake the girls. The little one is the easiest I go in and she pops out of bed right away and heads to the TV to get to it before her sister. It's SpongeBob time. Good thing I already caught the weather. Moving on to the older one. She's a little harder. Completely covered by her comforter I have to pop the shade to get the light in the room and remove the comforter and ask if she heard me. I usually get a grunt and I move on hoping she'll get up because I have to get the breakfast going and make their lunches. Neither one is a fan of hot lunch so they take it everyday. The little one is halfway through eating when her sister arrives and plops herself on the couch. Still not talking. I hand her breakfast she eats in silence. When they're both finished it's upstairs to get dressed. Apparently this is a race because I hear arguing all the way up the stairs and someone touched someone. It's irrelevant. I just want them to get moving so they won't be late. Then there's the bathroom. Someone made a mess with the toothpaste there is water everywhere from when they washed their faces and of course they try to do all of it at the same time so there is more arguing. What's a morning without it? I'll tell you it's not a morning. It's now a race to get back down to me so they can get their hair done first. They both have long hair. This is usually just a pig tail, but we are still in lice alert so we have braids going on. The little one beat the big one. This is a very usual occurrence the older one is much slower. I had to yell up three times this morning to get her moving. All with the same response. "I'm coming." Sure she is and so is Christmas. She made it down as I was finishing the lunches. I did her hair through all the complaints that I was pulling it. The girl has really long hair so snarls happen. I don't mean to pull in fact I don't think I even did it's just the fact that I'm doing it at all. It's time to find shoes. They're never where they should be. Heaven knows why. They find them and the older one informs me that her sneakers are dirty and she is trying to get them clean. Seriously you have to be kidding me. We were out in the rain the other day and they got dirty so now I have to clean these shoes in 2 minutes. I grab whatever cleaner was on the counter. I think it was Windex. I get them done just as daddy is heading down the stairs to drive them. They head to the car, but not without hitting each other accidentally with their backpacks which are totally weapons with the amount of stuff they have in them. This leads to more arguing. I kiss them and then my husband. Close the door and wave as the garage door goes down. I then go inside and collapse on the couch for a moment trying to get motivated to do what needs to be done. Oh yeah I definitely have a case of the Mondays.


Momma Such said...

Wow, sounds like a busy day!

I found your blog at MBC and I'm now following you! :)

Mom said...

I've had a case of the "Mondays," too. It was dreary and misty here in Georgia. Yuck!

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