Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Costume Confusion

My oldest daughter is getting ready for the Halloween dance at school. This means it's time to come up with a costume. My 8 year old is so easy she picked up the Costume Express catalogue and said I want to be a ninja. I Looked at it, it was cute so sold. I ordered that baby and she is very happy. Now for my 12 year old well it's a long drawn out process. Last year she was a gypsy and won a prize for most original costume. Well this year she wants to win again. However, she wanted to do a group costume with her friends. Not so easy. Just too many cooks if you know what I mean.

The main problem of course is that I don't want her to wear some skimpy costume that isn't appropriate. There will be none of that in my house not to mention she'd be sent home from the dance. So they had to come up with something fun and cute and age appropriate. First thing they thought of was a group of superheroes. This was a cute idea and I was fine with it. That didn't last long though. Next they wanted to be Deal or No Deal girls and I'm thinking cute yet you can't wear dresses like that to school and I'm not buying you a prom dress at the age of 12. Then a few wanted to be faeries, but some of the others not so sold on the idea. I just wanted them to hurry up and decide because then I have to put the costume together. Finally, my daughter and one of her friends stuck firm with the fairy idea and 2 others decided to go as cute nerds. Okay we now have a costume idea, but how am I going to get it together? The first thing I do is call mom. My mom that is.

She's great at this kind of stuff and well I'm okay, but with her help I know we can get it together. So today I spent most of it trying to find a long sleeve or short sleeve leotard for the girls to wear on top. We were not successful at the stores we went to so I'm going to look on line. However, we went to the fabric store and found the most beautiful fabric to make a fairy skirt. It's pink, light blue and lavender and has glittery butterflies on it. We snagged that right up. We plan to make a sort of beach cover up skirt with it. Also we hope to get some tulle with glitter on it for a top layer give it that magic feel. They had that as well at the store, but I'm not sure what the tops to these outfits will look like yet so we have to wait. There will also be a flower wreath and maybe a flower necklace or something. Not really sure on that. I don't want her to look to much like a little girl even though to me she will always be one. If anyone out there has any ideas I would appreciate it.

For now this is what we are going with. I think it will be very pretty. I just hope she likes it. I honestly never know anymore


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