Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is Winter Here Already?

Okay it is just way too cold out this morning. Yes, I live in New England and it has been getting progressively colder over the last week or so, but I feel like today it just bam hit me in the face. The heat is cranked and my eyes are all dried out from it. That means my contacts need a break so I'm wearing my glasses that I hate. Stinking cold weather.

This also means the fight in the morning for the winter weather wear gear that the girls need to wear. Luckily my older one has decided she likes her jacket so there were no issues with that this morning. She went off no problem. Now it was the little one who is 8 and just heading into her tween years who gave me a little trouble. It wasn't really trouble per say, but it was a nuisance. She loved that I gave her a winter coat to put on. She loves it. It's her favorite color, green. However, she wanted gloves. Now as I've already said I'm not really ready for this cold weather. You would think I could put my finger on them quickly. No sorry not going to happen. I could not find a matching pair of gloves to save my life or sanity this morning. I know we have them somewhere, but they were put away when spring finally decided to arrive last year. I'm sure it's a very safe place. She was disappointed, but said maybe I could find them for tomorrow. Right. She is a very reasonable and sweet child, but she's not going to forget about the gloves so I'm either going to have to find the ones I put away or grab a new pair from Target. This means spending a good chunk of my day trying to find the Rubbermaid tub I put them in.

I wasn't ready to drag out the winter stuff. Sigh, I guess I have no choice. Rotten New England weather. Let's hope we get to enjoy the foliage before the snow falls. Oh wait did I mention there's snow in the forecast for Friday. Now where are those gloves?


Leigh said...

Winter's hitting in western PA too - it actually snowed today. It's way too soon!

aldon @ orient lodge said...

I know what you mean.

Yesterday, I was reading excited messages about the snow and I remembered the joyful excitement of the first snow. This year, I just shook my head and thought, I'm just not ready for winter.

Mom said...

I'm Georgia and it's so cold.

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