Friday, October 30, 2009

My Tween and Makeup

Tonight we were invited to a Halloween party at my youngest daughters friends house. Well my youngest daughter wore her cute ninja costume but my oldest daughter didn't feel like wearing hers. However when she came down stairs I noticed she was wearing blush and eyeshadow. It wasn't dark or anything like that, but it took me a little by surprise. I mean I know she has makeup I've even bought her some for fun, but up to this point she has really only used it for dance recitals, Halloween costumes, and when her friends come over to do makeovers. I didn't make a big deal or anything as I said she was using it in a tasteful way.

So this leads me to wonder is she too young to wear it? Should I just let it go for now? Her school doesn't allow makeup to be worn so she would only be wearing it out with her friends. I'm thinking it's okay as long as she only uses a little. In fact at the party tonight several of the mothers complimented her on the way she used it and how pretty she looked.

I guess I'm just going to play it by ear and see how things go. As long as she doesn't abuse it. Luckily she hasn't gone goth on me. No black. Oh and she doesn't like mascara. It always freaks her out when I would put it on her for a dance recital. So there won't be those real black eyes staring back at me.

Perhaps for her 13th birthday, which is just around the corner, I'll take her to the clinique counter at Macy's and have them do her colors and show her how to apply correctly. Honestly I'm not a huge makeup girl myself. If she's going to use it I want her to use it in a way that makes it look natural. I hate it when I see tween girls walking around with gobs of makeup on their pretty little faces. I always want to wash them off and tell them less is more. Makeup is suppose to highlight your natural beauty. In the end I'm sure my daughter doesn't need to wear makeup, but it makes her feel a little more grown up by wearing it. One more step closer to becoming a teenager. Yikes.


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