Sunday, October 4, 2009

Glee, I love it!

This show is so much fun. I saw the commercials for it back in the spring and they had my attention. The music was great. My older daughter was also interested. I wasn't sure if it was okay for her, but I thought we could give it a try and if I deemed it inappropriate then I could always pull the plug. I watched it with her and I couldn't stop laughing and the music was just so great. The kids on this show are so talented. My daughter went to itunes and bought the cover they did of Don't Stop Believin. She listens to it all the time and I have to say I do as well. The thing with this show is that it is basically making fun of high school and all the things that go on in high school. My thought is some of the shows they make aiming for the same age like Gossip Girl, and 90210 my daughter is not allowed to watch, but this one I think is okay. First off we watch it together so if anything questionable comes up we talk about it. I'm not going to leave her thinking about these things on her own. Second it's really the music that she loves. We DVR the show and she always goes back and rewatches the musical numbers. Third this show basically laughs at everything and everybody. No one is safe. I love that because if you can laugh at yourself then maybe just maybe things will be a little bit more fun in life. If you think about everything in a tweens life it is so full of drama so if this makes her laugh and see that things can be funny I'm all for it. Bottom line this is a must watch program in my house. I don't feel however my younger daughter is ready for it. Though I do let her see the musical numbers and she loves that. As a mom you must always make the final decision on any type of program your children are watching. Just because I think it's okay doesn't mean another mother will feel that way. My advice check out the show before you let your child watch it or watch with them and make it a conversational piece.

Oh I've also just discovered that the Glee soundtrack is available for pre-order at Amazon. It comes out on November 3rd. This is a must have for Christmas. Not sure if it's a must have for my girls or for me but it's a must have. Anyway you look at it if I buy the cd all three of us can load it onto our ipods so everyone is happy. This won't be the last time you hear me talk about this show. I just love it.


Frugal Vicki said...

So Glee and 90210 are my addictions, too. But you know what I am realizing? It also makes me feel old. Because before what they were doing was cool, and now it just isn't and it makes me worry. Plus I sit there and say "I can't believe they are glamorizing this" Yet i still love it. Sigh. It sucks getting old.

JAS said...

I know how you feel. It does suck getting old. These shows totally suck me in as well. What can you do?

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