Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What's For Dinner?

Okay this is the question that makes me crazy. Everyday I pick my kids up from school and as soon as they're in the car they ask. What's for Dinner? Because I'm starving. Well I tell you what I make them a nice lunch everyday. Why are they starving?

Apparently dinner is the most important part of their day. Personally by the time dinner rolls around I'm done. I usually don't want to cook. My lovely children however are looking for gourmet meals. This is especially true of my oldest daughter. She usually wants chicken and broccoli fettuccine or calzones or broccoli cheese soup. Now I like all of these meals my self. They are just a lot of work. Personally my favorite night is take out night or sandwich night. I see no problem with sandwich night. It's easy. I like easy. Is there something wrong with easy?

Of course the worst is when I'm making something that one child loves and the other doesn't. Sometimes I even have to make two meals. Like tonight. My oldest wanted broccoli cheese soup. She just got her braces tightened so her mouth is sore. I get it I understand so she is getting soup. This is a problem though because my younger daughter won't touch this with a ten foot spoon. So she is getting Perdue nuggets, fries and carrots. It's just aggravating because I don't like making multiple meals yet I do it. I'm such a push over.

Well at least I know what's for dinner tonight. Now I have to deal with what's for dinner tomorrow.


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