Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

It's back to school week. My kids actually went back last week for 2 half days on Wed. and Thur. then had Friday off for the long weekend so It doesn't really start until this week. The drop off is always fun. The parking lot was crazy full of parents some happy, but many sad and in tears. I'd say I was on the happy and worried list. I worry for my girls 24/7. I was happy to see them start school as they were beginning to drive me crazy, but then I worry how school will be. They always get so much homework and then I have to worry about the social aspect. Is everyone being nice to you are you being nice to them? There is so much pressure both socially and academically. My husband doesn't really understand this. He's always like don't worry they'll be fine, but not me. I'm the one who picks them up and sometimes they're in tears because so and so said I'm weird or no one would sit with me at lunch or hang out with me at recess. What do you say to this? I tell them to stick up for themselves in a nice polite way no one should be mean and to hang out with someone who will be nice to them. If things are really bad I tell them to get a teacher. Though that's a hard one because you don't want them to be called a tattle tale. Then I make them a nice snack and we take a little break before we hit the homework. I go to sleep and hope the next day will be better and I hope it will.


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