Monday, December 14, 2009

Alice a Hit With My Tween and Her Friends

As I mentioned last week there was a new mini series on the SyFy Channel entitled Alice. Basically a different look at the story of Alice. A very different look than the Disney version I saw as a child and to be completely honest I haven't had time to sit and watch it though I will at some point. I caught a few minutes only.

My 12 year old however went to a sleepover on Saturday and they watched all 4 hours of the mini series. They loved it. They fell in love with the Mad Hatter who was played by Andrew Lee Potter. Apparently there is a romance between him and Alice. I know that didn't happen in the Disney version. They love him more than Edward and Jacob from Twilight. That I can't believe, but hey he must be the flavor of the week. He is cute. I guess the chemistry between him and Alice was very well done. When my daughter came home from school today she said they were starting a fan club for him. I thought that was so cute. They're really serious about it. They even have an idea for a t shirt.

I look forward to seeing it now. I need to find the time. Someone out there needs to add more time to the day. I'm just so busy getting ready for the holidays now there is no time to sit and enjoy a good show on the TV. I guess that's why they show so many reruns this time of year.

Again I thank the brilliant people who created the DVR and on demand. It makes it so much easier to catch up on things I missed.


Diane said...

IF they like the actor that played the Mad Hatter they should check out the British TV Series, Primeval. You can get 2 or 3 episodes on Netflix. It starts out kind of lame but gets better. Andrew plays Conner and is in every episode.

Anne said...

I saw Alice and really enjoyed it. It is much darker than the traditional Alice story. The story was a very interesting take.

The Accessory Lady said...

They left team Edward AND team Jacob? That's unbelievable!. I watched a couple of days after it aired and enjoyed it as well. It was very different but rather creative. :-)

JAS said...

Diane, thanks for the info. She's all over it. I'll be renting Primeval over the holiday for her.

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