Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Princess and the Frog

Well as far as my daughter and I are concerned Disney has a winner here with The Princess and the Frog. My husband and I took them to the 10:30 am showing this morning. I have to say I'm a huge fan of early morning movies. They tend to be less crowded and it leaves the rest of the day for other things. Not to mention the fact that it's cheaper. We were lucky this morning as we had two free tickets to the movie that we received while we were in Disney World in November. It was a great deal. If you had purchased entrance into any of the Disney Parks you received one free child's movie ticket so since there was two of us we got two tickets good only till the end of December. Never the less it's expensive to see movies so when you get any kind of discount you have to take advantage. My girls both wanted to see this and to be honest so did I. I love all the princess movies.

So how was it. It was fabulous. It had everything that I have been missing lately in Disney movies. I know that 3D is the new thing, but honestly I don't enjoy them all that much. I don't care for the glasses and well I just prefer the way the old movies look. My 8 year old hates 3D movies. She completely freaks out. Needless to say I loved the animation in this movie it was colorful and real. The characters were fabulous. Tiana is a wonderful addition to the princesses. She's a hard working girl that you really route for. You want her to get her dream and it's wonderful to watch her fall in love. The prince is also very entertaining and you really see him grow up throughout the movie. The supporting cast of characters are also great. You really come to love Louis the crocodile and Ray the firefly. Oh and Tiana's friend Charlotte is hysterical.

The villain wasn't too scary though he may frighten really small children though none in our theater seemed disturbed and we had some real little ones in there. They kept him very colorful. My girls weren't bothered by him though they are 8 and 12.

My youngest loved the movie she really liked Louis and Charlotte. She thought they were hilarious. Oh and I should mention that my daughter loves frogs. In fact if you ask her what her favorite animal is she'll answer a red eyed tree frog. I have no idea why she has just always liked them. Her favorite color is green so she loved that the princess turned into a frog and then her dresses seemed to always have a shade of green in them. This princess won my daughter at the get go.

My advice go see this movie whether you have children or not it is vastly entertaining. The music is wonderful the animation refreshing and the message wonderful. You should always work hard for your dreams to come true, but never loose sight of what's important.


Buggys said...

I knew this would be a good movie. i want to take my Buggy girl to see it, maybe this week. Glad you enjoyed it.

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