Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Really Long Day

It's Sunday. I wanted to get a lot of things done today. The good news is that I pretty much got everything done I wanted to do. The bad is that it's about 10 pm and I am sitting down for the first time today. I'm totally exhausted, but happy at the same time that I got what I set out to do done.

Since it's Sunday I always get every one's clothes ready for the week. Since my girls wear uniforms they have to be ironed. It's a pain, but it must be done. I don't care if they say the clothes are wrinkle free they still look wrinkled to me and my kids don't go to school looking sloppy. So I spent some time doing all the laundry and ironing.

I went on my treadmill for about an hour because if I don't no one will do it for me. I always feel lousy when I don't work out in some way.

Before I knew it the day was coming to a quick close. I made a nice dinner which I along with my 8 year old had to wolf down as she had dance practice for the holiday show she's in. She's in the opening number this year and she's had I think 4 extra practices that have all landed on the weekend. It was pouring out so it was a pain getting there. I dropped her off only to return an hour and a half later. When I came back there was no where to park because it was almost the whole dance studio practicing. The waiting room had no room as there were coats, bags and Ugg boots everywhere. Luckily her class was one of the first to be dismissed and we made our way to the car. She was so happy. She had the best time and is so excited to be in the opening number with all the older kids. That made it all worth it even if we were both soaked.

When I got home I had to hurry her into a bath and get ready to make my chocolate truffles. I make them every Christmas and give them as gifts. It is a very long and tedious process, but one I wanted to get done today. I have to make the chocolate mixture that is the soft inside of the truffle and then let it harden for about an hour. When it hardens I have to roll it into balls. This takes forever. Sometimes the girls help me, but because I started so late they couldn't help. I finally finished and they are all in the frig and ready to be covered with another layer of chocolate tomorrow. No time left to do that tonight, but I never thought I'd get to that so I'm done for today.

I am so tired right now and my bed is looking very inviting. I'll be heading there very soon.


Karen said...

I am worn out from reading all you accomplished!

Blia said...

You go, mom! Glad you had a productive day.

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