Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Growth Spurts

Okay so I'm looking at my 8 year old the other day and I notice her pants are looking a little short. Now those pants were just bought in September so usually they would last at least until the spring. I'm hoping it's just those pants, but no such luck most of her size 8 pants are looking short. No problem. I still have her sister's pants and Christmas is coming so I'll get her some new ones for Christmas. It's a little bit frustration though. The child is getting really tall fast and she has these really long legs.

Okay one child having a growth spurt is one thing, but the other one said to me this morning. "Mom I need new school pants these are getting too short." Seriously they are both growing out of their clothes at the same time. Oh and right before Christmas. I don't want to be buying uniform pants when I just bought them 2 months ago. You would think they could at least have these growth spurts at different times to save mom some money, but no that would make my life too easy. We wouldn't want that to happen.

Oh and did I mention my oldest is just about taller than me. Not that it's a difficult feet to accomplish. I mean I'm only a little over 5 ft and my husband is 6 ft so it was bound to happen. I just didn't expect it so soon. Can't they stay my tiny little girls a little longer? Is it really too much to ask?


Juvie said...

I always tell my kids, "Stop growing!" but they never listen :)

And this comes from the owner of a kid's boutique. It's not replacing the clothes I mind (at least it's not weekly anymore), but I do miss their being little!

Mom said...

One of Kira's favorite dresses is getting too small for her. I just noticed this today. That one will pass down to Marisa. Kira got a new dress today to replace it. I try hard to buy whatever clothes need to be purchased at various intervals so the expense is minimal. Luckily, I don't have to worry about school clothes or school dress codes.

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