Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Crazy Third Graders

Today was a special day for my daughters 3rd grade class. Each year the 3rd grade class at my daughters school buys presents for children at a local after school program that maybe don't get as many Christmas presents as they do. They are each given a name along with the age of a child. My daughter got a 10 year old girl. The price limit was $20.00. I had my daughter use her own money and pick out the gift she thought the girl would like. She loved doing this. She picked out a Harumika kit and a make-up kit from Justice. These were things she would like herself and they were things I thought a 10 year old would like. Of course we could only hope this was the case because we knew nothing about the little girl. We just hope she'll really like them.

The moms were invited into the school today to help them wrap the presents. We were asked to send in wrapping paper, tape and bows. This was such a good time. The kids had a blast wrapping all the presents. Most of them wanted to do it all themselves with just a little help from us. When they had them wrapped they attached a colorful bow and these great Christmas cards that they created for the kids. I think the cards were the best part. You could tell they really worked hard on them.

When the wrapping was done they were given these puzzles to color and had a snack. I wished the teacher good luck when I left because these kids were all hyped up. She told me she thought the rest of the day would be a wash. It pretty much was because I returned to the school later to help with art class. They were so wired. You can definitely feel Christmas coming. It's always fun to see the kids so excited. This is such a fun time of year.


Sue said...

That sounds like fun. That is nice they are helping other kids who may not get as many gifts.

Max said...

Thanks for the comment. I had heard about the HBO pilot, and looked into who was cast for each part. I like the choice for Ned, although I didn't at first....then I saw a couple pics from production.

I'm not sure about the guy who played Fred Flintstone (not John Goodman either) playing Robert, or the Sarah Connor Chronicles girl playing Cersi, but I am excited to check it out nonetheless.

Shelly said...

What a great idea. I've been trying all season to get my kids to realize how fortunate we are (they are 3 and 6). I think a lesson like this being reinforced in school is a wonderful idea. Sounds like they really got into the GIVING Spirit!

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